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  1. That’s what is interesting. We just had the boat serviced and the rpms are around 5300. We have twin Volvo 350s. I thought the rpms were 5800 WOT. I am aware this is an open ended question. Simply curious what other 28 - 33 footers are at dry weight on ours is around 9,000 lbs. we have had it at 61.3 mph gps early on, seems like after the service we have been around 53-55 mph. I will say those twin 350s are awesome on this rig. It’s a blast to drive and the joystick has been a game changer having gone to a twin engine. Curious if any Chap lovers have any ideas of how
  2. Any twin engine chap owners out there. Curious what your top speed is at WOT. we have a 317ssx and just trying to compare what other similar boats are doing photo below of the new beauty thanks!
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