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  1. Hi all looking for a little info, My carb decided to go south and my Marina says I need to replace and it going to cost $1200, Mechanic says it is leaking thru the Throttle shaft, is there a way to repair this or does anyone know of a more resonable fix. Thanks in advance Dan
  2. Hi I have a 180SSI and i alway's take my boat from Manchester to Seattle with-out incedent, Just watch the tides and you should be fine
  3. dandelano


    I would Pick Lake Shasta
  4. Do you have a wakeboard Tower? We just tie our's to the top of the tower and use it for a little bit of Shade
  5. Thanks I found it stamped on the prop its self, Living in Washington on of the prop manufacturers is in Tacoma I may just stop by and see what I can get
  6. Looking to change out my proppeller, not even sure what the pitch and size of my original one is. any help would be nice
  7. It only happens under a load, had the belt changed out in the off season, But that is what it sounds like, Will pick up some 3M belt dressing to see if this helps any, Will get out and get into the engine compartment this weekend and try to listen. Thanks for all the responces. New prop in the off season also.
  8. I have a 05 180ssi Volvo Penta 3.0, I get a squeal when I engauge the drive, Any ideas??
  9. I'm also looking for some touch up paint for my Chapp, Was out in Sinclair Inlet yesterday tied up to a dock when a huge boat whent by and made such a huge wake that it slammed my boat into the dock , when I was washing the boat this AM, I found 3 large scratches. That whent thru the clear coat down to Glass
  10. Just had a thought, could my ignition switch be getting stuck in the on position and leaving the starter spinning?
  11. Hello all, I'm in the same boat as another post, Out enjoying the weather and festivities on the 4th, I turned the motor off to change out wake boarders and when I went to start the boat but it had other ideas, Had 13v on battery but no start. Did all the usual trouble shooting, Kill switch, fuses nothing, I just replaced the starter a couple of weeks ago. If i jump the starter I can hear the winding but no go. If this is a starter problem again what could be the underlying issue for starters going bad, I'm removing the starter this morning and hopefully my local auto parts store can test. Thanks for any advise
  12. How crazy does Cresent bar get, would it be advisable to go there without camping reservations or is there plenty of sand to camp on?
  13. Hello all, I just recently purchased this boat, I love it but have a question, once I put my boat in gear and give it throttle I get a chirping noise that comes from the engine compartment, the engine only has 29hrs on it, could this be the serpentine belt or other issue. Thanks Dan
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