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  1. Why would you want to restrict the oil returning to the valley ?
  2. As I disassembled my heads I didn't notice at first that there were what I assume are oil restrictor plates in them. Rectangular metal plates with with a rubber 7/8" (?) hole in the middle. They look like they would fit in the rectangular openings in the heads between the pairs of push rods. What are these?
  3. I'm rebuilding the 5.7L motor in my '87 200 XLC. I sent the heads out for a valve job and I'm about ready to reinstall them. My question is whether or not I need to paint the heads before I reinstall them. My common sense says it will rust up if I don't. I'm only a novice back yard mechanic and this is the biggest engine job I've tackled on my own. With the help of Youtube I've been fairly confident so far. I just don't want to mess it up before it's all assembled..
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for some advise. I'm rebuilding an 87 200 xlc 5.7L motor.. I pulled the heads after finding 2 cylinders only holding 30 and 50 lbs. of compression. It was obvious that the head gasket had failed, between those two cylinders, after removing the heads .I'm going to check the decks on the block to make sure they're flat. I'm having a valve job done on the heads, I'm rebuilding the carb, putting on new dist. cap and rotor. New plugs and plug wires. New gaskets on the water pump. new thermostat and gaskets. rebuilding both trim cylinders, new impeller with lower case oil change, engine oil change with new filter, and replace the fuel seperator. I figure the steering pump and alternator are easy to get to later if they fail. I pulled the trim pump and made sure it was working. Now, what am I forgetting to do while I'm at it ? The electrical all checked out good.
  5. Thanks. those heads don't lie. It's a 5.7L. If the head shop has good news for me I'm going to slap it back together and use it for the rest of the summer.
  6. I'm confused. I bought a 1987 200 XLC and everything that I've been able to research tells me it should have a GM 305/5L engine. It has the 260hp decal on the top of the spark arrester, with a 4 barrel carb. The oil was clean as was the fuel separator. The compression was bad in a couple of cylinders and it looked like a bad head gasket so I pulled the heads. They looked very clean. In fact too clean. I took them down to our local engine shop and he took one look at the heads and immediately said the head gasket was blown between the two cylinders that had low compression, he also informed me that they were 350 heads not 305. He said he could tell by the difference in the gap between cylinders. He said a 305 head would have about a quarter inch more gap between the cylinders. I could still see signs of cross hatching on the exposed cylinder walls of the block, and no sign of scratching or blow by. So, did this boat come with a 5.7L when new or has someone replaced the engine ? Also I decided to rebuild the carburetor, I see a Mercruiser 4 barrel carb and a Rochester 4 barrel carb. Are they, in fact, the same carburetor ? I see evidence of a small leak on the water pump. I just ordered new gaskets.The steering pump and alt. look good and can easily be replaced later if needed. I ordered a new thermostat, gasket and headbolt kit for the rebuild. (which may need to be reordered). This is my first boat but I've done some back yard mechanics in my time. I'm rebuilding the trim cylinders 'cause there's water/air in the fluid reservoir. The pump and solenoids tested good after removing them from the boat. The electrical system seems good. Exhaust blower, bilge pump , nav lts, engine gauges, horn, all worked. I replaced the battery and the engine ran before I did the compression check. So guys, what am I forgetting or missing ? Not being a boatman (yet) I'm not sure what else would be worth doing as long as I've got to put it all back together. Thanks for any input you may have to enlighten me.
  7. The lines look good so I'm going to rebuild the trim ram cylinders and replace all the anodes and bushings
  8. Hi guys. I bought a '87 200XLC at an auction recently. I brought it home and with a new battery I got the 5.7l motor fired up pretty easily. When I tried the motor tilt I got nothing. After checking the pump I see that the reservoir is full of pink parfait looking liquid. As I look closer I see that only one mounting screw is holding the whole thing in. I take off the up and down hydraulic lines, disconnect the power and pop off the connector sending power to the tilt switch and pull out the entire pump assembly. I hooked up 12 volts to the pump and bumped both UP and Down and the pump ran (and spit fluid ) both ways. next I jumped the lift toggle switch from hot to UP and hot to DOWN and the pump ran. So I think the pump motor and solenoids are all good. That being said, the fluid looks like water or air has been mixed with it. It's all pink frothy looking. It's an Alpha 1 Gen 1 lower end with two lines coming out of the case going to the rams on either side. What can I use to flush out the old lines before refilling and bleeding them ? Where do you folks think the failure might be. Either the lines need replacing or the lift rams need to be rebuilt. I'm interested to hear anybody else's thoughts or experience's..
  9. Noticed a strange thing just now. Since I haven't got the boat home yet I've been doing some research on the boat and motor. I was looking at the brochure for my year (87) and even though my boat has the 200XLC badging it physically looks like the 195 model. It doesn't have the extra padded area at the back, instead the front facing seats are pushed back against the transom. I'm wondering if you could just order different deck layouts when you originally bought it ? Any thoughts ? Anyone ?
  10. Gotta get it registered and home. Give me a week or two and I'll be back.
  11. Hi, I recently bought a used '87 200 XLC and really would prefer to take it to a local shop for a check-up but am reluctant to pick one off the internet. I am hoping someone can recommend a shop in the Modesto/Manteca area they'd be willing to endorse. Thanks for your input.
  12. Hi guys. I bought a 1987 200 XLC at a local public auction. The trailer jack gears were stripped when I picked it up so I used my trucks scissor jack. The fork wouldn't open enough to allow the ball to seat without some extra help. The ground on the trailer was elusive but I found the problem and got the trailer lights working. I had to tow it as far as my daughters house and that's where it sits. I know the engine starts and runs but that's all I know, My son in law, a multiple boat owner, advised me to buy a fakey-lakey, which I've done. I'll be heading over there as soon as I've got it registered and was hoping for a little advise on what I need to be paying special attention to. The prop has one chipped blade and the bottom 1 " of the bottom fin is bent over about 30 or 40 degrees. I'll be including pics soon. So..... I'm a car guy and a good mechanic but know very little about boats and don't have any boating friends to ask about trusty mechanics. That being said, do you guys think I should bring it to a boat shop for the once over, or can I get away with checking over everything on my own ? Money is tight but money well spent is just as important. I know this was long winded, thanks in advance for any of your thoughts.
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