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  1. Is this the worst Chaparral website?
  2. Jacalore

    Bimini frame

    Following... I have a broken bimini frame (main loop) on my 2000 235 SSi Looking for replacement. TIA
  3. Lakes are more forgiving. The ocean is not as kind, including it's tidal rivers and bays. Ground tackle is critical is those environs. Can't afford to cut corners.
  4. Using local canvas guy. Recommended by marina and has done work to other boats there, so can inspect his work. I'll post a pic when completed.
  5. Regular occurance during summer on the Chesapeake. Short, intense, chaotic. Hurricane force winds. Then calm.
  6. Rarely... We ride at dawn!
  7. I plan doing the same for my 235 SSI. Fortress, cut down bar to fit and 15' of chain.
  8. Lay out 5 to 1... iow, in 12' of water, lay out 60' of anchor rode.
  9. I'm familiar with ground tackle and how it works. I singlehanded a 34' sailboat from the Chesapeake to the FL Keys. Spend the winter there, lived aboard, anchored out. Over spec every section of your system, you'll sleep better at night.
  10. Need to restore the tops of the captain chairs and the back deck where it turns down the transom (235 SSI). The color has been rubbed away from the previous cover. This time I'm gonna have auto chaffing patches sewn underneath the cover in those areas. Hopefully, should help. Anyone do this? What kind of fabric did you use for the patches?
  11. Chain is key, agree. But it's not a shock absorber, rope is. Or a snubber. I went with a Fortress and will cut down the stock to fit Chaparral anchor locker. With 15' of chain, should be fine. River runner and back bays.
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