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  1. Thanks gang and the Manifolds and risers were replaced 40 hours ago. I have just installed a new (aftermarket) raw water pump,(the housing wasn't perfect...but not bad) it was 6 years old. I will check the exhaust manifold temperatures (with a laser Beam while running) Is there a way to test the senors in the manifolds? I have never replaced them.n Thank you for the help and enjoy your weekend!
  2. Thanks Phillbo for the response. I checked the O/D lube and it nice and clear and topped off. I sure am open for more suggestions. Is there some type of fuel alarm?? I do have a very slight fuel pump wine....but I don't have a problem pulling a 200lb wake boarder, just only for about 3-5 minutes. I have notice that its a little longer period of time before the first time it happens, then shorter time before it happens again! This is a head ache!
  3. I have a 2002 196SSi 5.0 GXI-B single prop. When I cruise at about 3500 rpm's for about 10 minutes, my engine will reduce power an I get alarm the beeps once every three seconds. I pull the throttle back to neutral is beeps probably 4-5 times then stops (oil pressure 40 psi and temp. gauge is 175). I'll idle for about 30 sec, op still 35-40 psi and temp 165 and get back on plane perfectly. 5-10 minutes later same thing happens again. It does happen sooner if I have more people/weight in the boat. Any suggestions? Thanks Bee Sea
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