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  1. Robert, I agree, but that's not what this post is about. The bunk carpet is in great shape. I appreciate the input though.
  2. 10-4. I will end up buying them. I will need it for something else in the future I'm sure. I'm always working on something that burns fuel lol. Thanks so much guys. As soon as I get a chance to lake test, I will keep everyone updated.
  3. Very interesting. I hadn't noticed water on the sunpad and where it drains to, but that is directly over the distributor so it makes perfect sense. I will have to keep an eye on that. Did you leave the carpet as-is or change it out?
  4. Love Jocassee....grew up there. We've been going to Keowee lately. Hartwell always seems muddy....leaves swimming gear orange lol. We've even had it stain seats. Lot less people on Hartwell though. That boat is beautiful! Maybe we'll see you around.
  5. We just picked up a 1999 1930 SS LE also, but the rear seat config is different. It has a 'doghouse' and two separate seats. Also the left seat lays out to a bench instead of being a captains chair. The biggest thing for me though is the carpet. It has basic carpet from to back and I hate it. I want to pull it all up and epoxy the floor like yours and install Seadek over the epoxy. Overall the quality seems fantastic on these boats. Yours looks awesome!
  6. Clemson...what body of water are you on mostly? Reason being, we usually go to the lake very close to the University. Lake Keowee.
  7. Drew, I have not checked the timing yet. I don't have a timing light. I was going to try to turn the distributor while it the engine was running to see what changes it made, but I didn't have a wrench that I could get onto the distributor bolt. Seems I read somewhere that I need an offset wrench of some sort to loosen the bolt, but I haven't really looked into that yet. I can send that the bolt has witness marks on it, so I know someone has adjusted it in the past. Checking the timing is definitely a priority. However, I'm pretty sure I solved the issue. Didn't do a lake test this weeke
  8. Thanks so much. My granny has led a hard life. My dad told me a story yesterday about how her and my grandpa walked 6 miles in the snow to trade some of his collection of pocket knives to a farmer for enough milk to feed 4 kids for a couple days. The things she and my grandpa have told me over the years are crazy lol. She's 83 now, so soon enough, depending on what people believe, she's not gonna have a hard time anymore. I'm a tinkerer at heart...no way I was gonna let someone else fix it lol. I try to learn as much as I can about something so that I don't have to struggle with t
  9. Guys I appreciate the insight very much. It is much closer to being fixed now. As far as the choke goes, I didn't touch it at all when rebuilding the carb. Either way, I checked it first. When engine is cold, it's closed and about 5 minutes running, and it's fully open. All seemed well there so I didn't go further. Let me tell you what I found. So in the original post, I mentioned that I found it odd that the idle set screw was turned in 3-4 turns. So today I did some research on venturis and their effect on fuel flow. Hopefully this little bit of insight will help others because it t
  10. Little history...bought this boat a few weeks ago.... absolutely love it! It's a 4.3 with the Weber 4bbl. It's so nice...but. First lake outing, the boat would idle very roughly and would run decently at about half throttle. Anything over that would backfire and lose all power. Pull it back to neutral and it would idle rough, then same routine to get it back to the dock. Came home and pulled the carb to find gunk and rust everywhere. Rebuilt carb with kit and set everything to factory spec. Installed on the boat and engine wouldn't run. Never could hear the electric fuel pump run. So
  11. Thanks for the reply. I will be on the hunt.
  12. Shep, so just to clarify, the factory ESP for the 04 and later 190ssi will work on my 1999 1930ss? If so, I am going to try to source one. I love this idea.
  13. The 303 is the bees knees! I installed the two new rear grab handles tonight, but the one under the glovebox is different. Bigger and an ever so slightly different shape. Anyone have any idea where to find the oddball? Lake test this Saturday! I'm stoked!
  14. p1, that carpet looks awesome. I will definitely consider going back with carpet, but I kind of doubt it with the traffic that it is going to see. Two kids in and out of the boat all day every time we go out... And all the water they will be dragging around with them, I just don't think it's feasible. I want something that I can wash down when I get home and dry it off and throw the cover over. Carpet seems to hold so much water... That's why I believe this boat has so many mildew spots on the upholstery... Carpet stayed wet when the PO got done with it and they just threw the cover over i
  15. Thanks so much for the suggestions! So I was talking with my father-in-law last night and he suggested that the first thing to do would be to coat the rough fiberglass floor with a white epoxy first to make it match the deck. He suggested Pettit EZ-Deck which he had used previously and stated it was a wonderful product and super easy to use. Then I found SeaDek. That stuff looks amazing, but I am also going to look into Marideck and Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl. I hadn't heard of those until now. The winter project is going to be fantastic. I am definitely a DIYer. The wife and I cleane
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