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  1. Just ordered my 2021 23 SSi OB and I'm beyond excited. After looking at a few things I'm wondering if I should call my rep back and opt for the 200 Yamaha rather than the 150? Going into it I thought the 150 would be good for what we are using the boat for but now I'm second guessing myself. Any real life experiences with the 150 and a 23 ft Chaparral? Was it not enough power for the boat or do you feel it was bogging down on you to much? I'm coming from a 20 ft aluminum center console fishing boat so I'm used to the light weight of that but I think the SSi is 3400 lbs dry. We plan on using the boat as a cruiser, hanging out on the water and some tubing, not a huge amount but we will hook up a wake board and tube to it now and then. Thanks everyone!
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