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  1. Rich S

    You guys are the smartest

    It was a large gap
  2. Rich S

    You guys are the smartest

    Thank you. Was able to get at it today and put in a new 10A. Tested by backing the trailer several times. Any concerns going up to a 15A?
  3. Rich S

    You guys are the smartest

    10A We ordered the trailer custom, so I just picked it up last weekend. That's when I found this issue. We are stuck in a volleyball rut for the next 4 weekends then clear boating after that. The dealer gave us a $1500 gift card to a pro shop and we are itching to spend that too.
  4. Rich S

    You guys are the smartest

    OK, was premature. I found a blown fuse. I will get one tomorrow and test the trailer. Now I want to know why the blown fuse.
  5. Rich S

    You guys are the smartest

    I have a 2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali. When I had the Chap on an MFI trailer I noticed a couple times that when I put it in reverse that the breaks on the trailer would not release and lock up. Happened a couple times, one of which was up a very slight slope. On the flats and going down the ramp was fine. Sold the Chap and the trailer. Now have a Boat Mate trailer. I was attempting to back the new boat into my storage facility (on flat ground) and the breaks would not disengage when in reverse. Thankful for the surge key. I have tested my tow vehicles fuses and they are fine. I put a volt meter on the vehicles trailer plug and got good voltage on the outer pins (except ground). The center prong did not show me any voltage. We had the vehicle running, E-break on, brakes applied and put it in reverse and still nothing on the center. The diagram shows this as the "backup lamps". I climbed under to check the wiring with a VDC Hi/Lo tester (sharp needle to press into the wire sleeve and put the vehicle in reverse) and I got all good tests except for what I think is the "backup lamp" wire. Since all the wires are in a sleeve I could not trace the origin. Any thoughts or suggestions. I know it could be the trailer, but I would like to rule out the Vehicle first.
  6. Rich S

    No Words come to mind

    IDK... When I drive the Nautique you have to hold the wheel because of the prop wash on the rudder. Ill check on it.
  7. Rich S

    How Many on here own two boats

    Thank you
  8. Rich S

    Purchase with a trade help

    I have a lien with 25-30 in equity. The trade numbers are elevated to show more towards a down payment on the new. The Chap probably wont even sit on the lot as discussions are currently in place for a prospective, yet serious buyer. I did set my price at the boat show and put the deposit and then talked trade. The dealer is offering me about a .006% "finders fee" So I guess what Im asking is a better number for a finders fee to put towards the new boat. The way I see it, I paid for 8 months of boat trader, it wont sit on their lot and they will be financing the boat.
  9. I can help you with the buy/trade.  I've been a car and trailer dealer for 14 years.  

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    2. crvtt771


      Sometimes it helps to give a few different scenarios to help understand the positive equity or payoff.


      It might help to think of it this way.  Let's say you owe $80,000 on the chap, they showed you 80,000 on trade and sold it for $80,000.   You'd have $0 equity, the dealer would make $0 profit.  You would owe them $139,000 for the G23.


      If you owed $0 on the Chap and they gave you $80,000 trade and sold the boat for $80,000, they'd make $0 on Chap.  You would owe them $139,000-80,000= $59,000.   They wouldn't be making $80,000 on the Chap which is what you described above when you said they are making $26,000 on the Chap.  

    3. Rich S

      Rich S

      Got it... kinda. LOL But you are saying what they have said, so it gives me confidence in them. I really appreciate your insight.

    4. crvtt771


      Yeah no problem.  When I first started in this business it took me a while to grasp the whole pay off thing too.


      To sum it up, they aren't making an additional $26,000 profit on the chap.  They took that $26,000 and applied it towards the G23.  

  10. Rich S

    Purchase with a trade help

    I have a deal set and ready to pull the trigger. Im trading my Chap for a Nautique. I understand that the more they give for my trade will reflect in a higher sales price. But, a new scenario has come up and I want to make sure that I know Im walking away with the best deal on my trade as well as the sales price. I dont want to be floating in a cove enjoying a cold one and get that feeling that I didnt do everything I can. Anyone with insight to the inner workings of a buy/trade, could you PM me?
  11. Rich S

    How Many on here own two boats

    https://www.marinemax.com/boats/details/5842614/new/nautique-super-air-nautique-g23-georgia---buford Trading the Chap, looks like already have a buyer. Take delivery Friday. They took my boat last Friday.
  12. Rich S

    How Many on here own two boats

    I did! Should deliver Friday
  13. Rich S

    How Many on here own two boats

    I would keep the Chap for cruising and surf behind the Nautique. I'm not that rich yet.
  14. Rich S

    No Sunestas at the NYC Boat show

    I have a 2015 ish. No wet bar though. I have a deal for a new to me boat and looking to trade the 264. 380 VP with 88.6 hours
  15. Rich S

    Surf Boats

    Powell is AWESOME! very Yuge. We were fortunate enough to find a cove on our own up by Dangling Rope and go back into a lot of empty canyons that were about 10 feet wide, 300 feet up with 150 feet on the depth gauge. I would go back in a heart beat. We found a cave that could fit about 4 or 5 boats inside, 25 foot ceiling and 100 feet depth. Place is amazing. Phillbo I envy you.