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  1. Hi everyone! I've been reading through different posts on this forum and they all make me even more excited than I already am! My husband and I live in Florida and just purchased a boat, kinda on a whim We live in a neighborhood that doesn't allow trailers or boats so we needed something we could fit into our standard 2 car garage. Also..... that we could pull with a Jeep Wrangler & Rav4 V6 with a tow package. Low and behold, I ran across a listing that was 2 hours old and a few hours after that, we bought a boat! The owner got a job offer out of state so they traded the boat lifestyle for the mountain lifestyle. Upon inspection, you could definitely tell the quality build that Chaparral provides and lucky for us, the previous owners were meticulous with their maintenance records, had every single receipt/manual/detail list and diagram you could think of. My husband is a Porsche technician so thankfully he knew a little more than me when it came to what to look for with the "guts" and was definitely impressed with the detail. It was easy to tell it was well loved and wonderfully taken care of. We've had it for a could days now and took it out of the river this past weekend and loved every second! The launch was a little nerve wracking only because a nice weekend day in Florida, EVERYONE is out! I thought it went pretty smooth & quickly but my husband was stressed, worried he did something wrong or forgot to do something and everyone is in line waiting for us to get on with it. I'm sure it'll only get easier and faster after we get the hang of it. Same goes for docking and getting it back onto the trailer. As far as specific questions that I would appreciate insight on, I have 2. The dashboards (please forgive me if that's not their actual name) have some sun damage and wanted to see if anyone has repaired theirs? I've been looking for replacement ones but I can only find the passenger side; the one with the glove box. I've found some products for "Padded Dash Filler" but yet to find a thread on anyone that's used it or done it. What do you guys do? Does it even bother anyone else? LOL! Second question is that I think we're missing the center seat cushion in the bow. Can anyone tell me if I can order it somewhere or would I need to go to an upholstery place and have one made? Are they universal-ish fit and maybe can find another brand that has similar ones? Now that we're official owners and ready to dive into the world of boating, we'd love any personal feedback, anyone that has or has had the same boat, upgrades, tips or suggestions! Places to visit, pointers for using the boat in both fresh water & salt water, memberships to have or clubs to join, etc. We're beyond excited for this whole new world and also wonder why in the heck it took us turning 40 to finally get a boat!
  2. My husband and I just purchased a '99 1830 SS which was honestly in amazing shape. It has had at least 2 different owners that I'm aware of and they have done a wonderful job keeping it up. Definitely a statement to the quality that Chaparral provides. Once we got it home, it was "clean" but I wanted to see what I could do with some elbow grease and a box of Magic Erasers. OMG!!!! Being a boat newbie, I was a little concerned about damaging the upholstery so I sprayed on a marine vinyl protectant afterwards and will be adding a vinyl wax too. Maybe the wax will be an overkill but I feel like it's not quite as protected as it should be. Here are a couple pictures and now I wish I would have taken more!
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