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  1. Forum does not list the part guide for your year/model. However, when I look at the part guide for my boat (2007 254 Sunesta) it does not list the handle as a part, only the latches/hinges and lock.
  2. My engine, transom and drive serial #'s are also located on the starboard side of the spark arrestor cover on top of engine as well as the areas you indicated.
  3. http://forum.chaparralboats.com/ownersManuals/2000.pdf
  4. Might try Cecil's marine online, from what I understand they purchase a lot of service related parts once Chap decides to stop supporting the platform.
  5. Man wished I would have known this, so what happens with the two additional wires that are plugged into back of the remote? Link to adapter below on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CLARION-CCUMRA1-MARINE-STEREO-REMOTE-ADAPTER-CABLE-8-PIN-MALE-TO-6-PIN-FEMALE-/293186999936?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c1#viTabs_0
  6. Any updates on what you found out?
  7. Same here, my 2007 has a drain as well.
  8. 2007 254 Sunesta Finally getting around to installing the wired Kenwood remote on transom. Going to have to run the new cable as well from stereo to remote. No issues being able to run cable from transom to helm on the starboard side. My question is how do I gain access from helm over to head to connect cable to back of stereo. I know the wires run just in front of ski locker but how do I access that channel? Is there an access panel inside of helm locker? See picture below for better explanation. Well can't add the picture because file is too big :(
  9. The eccentric was installed upside down from the factory. Not gonna disagree about mechanic should have tested it in the water or at least verified rotation by putting in gear with muffs
  10. Lessons learned from my auto bilge issues. Verify float switch is operational by manually lifting float switch or filling bilge with water on trailer with drain plug in. Battery switch should be in off position. If not working, then I would check these things. 1. Fuse 2. Ensure you are getting 12v with test light to wiring harness plug, inspect plug for corroded contacts(that was my issue) 3. If not either one of the aforementioned, then likely your switch is bad. Good luck!
  11. Good deal, glad we could help you out.
  12. Not real familiar with your model boat, but I would check shift cable boot for sure. Also would check the float switch to make sure auto bilge is working properly. I found issues with both on boat I purchased last year.
  13. Update, ended up being the connector. Positive side round contact from battery was completed corroded and gone from female plug. Replaced connector and now works as advertised. Good thing, as float switch screws are impossible to get to and seem to either be stripped out or corroded. Do not look forward to the day float switch goes bad, will likely have to drill screw heads off with right angle drill while standing on my head in engine compartment, lol!
  14. J Kyle

    Liner Drains

    Yes correct, it is meant to drain water out of the boat from skiers/etc getting inside boat wet. I could see shutting them off if boat stayed in water under a covered storage but other than that I don't see a reason to ever close them. The drains in cockpit/galley are well above the thru holes in side of boat.
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