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  1. Thank you all for your responses, going to get one on order tonight
  2. Looking to buy an oil Extractor Pump to winterize my Mercruiser, any suggestions? Last boat I owned had the remote oil line, don't have time to changeover this year.
  3. Yep that is exactly what I am looking for except with support poles. This is a pic of the one I had on old boat
  4. Looking for best boat cover manufacturer/material for a 2007 Sunesta 254 with swim platform. Had a custom made cover for my 2001 196 SSI and really did like it. I bought the boat used out of Fayetteville AR. Do not have a clue who made the cover but it was a tight fit with two support poles, it had drawstring rope around bottom with quick disconnect straps that wrapped around trailer rail back to cover. Totally weatherproof. Looking to find a similar cover. Attached picture of what I had before below.
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