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  1. Inboard is a great way to ruin your day boating from all the failures.
  2. I have a ssi 23 outboard and I do exactly what you are wanting to do and it’s perfect for about anything. My son does flips on the wake board behind it. Wake is about perfect for wake boarding. Salt water doesn’t bother the outboard and we go to Destin Navarre area atleast 3 times a month then our local lake on sundays. The boat really does everything well imo.
  3. Buy an outboard boat problem solved
  4. Maxrider

    Delivery times

    I got a 2020 23 ssi OB with 250 sho lots of options with 55hrs on it 6 year warranty if anyone doesn’t want to wait. 6k off chaparral one price.
  5. Nah like I said they are probably 50 ob’s to every 1 I/O’ on the water. And I don’t even have to leave this page to post ten more than him. Im just to lazy to go get them. Lol
  6. Agree if Biden wins all our boats will be worthless!! Blows my mind anyone could vote for that
  7. Yea I agree the 450r’s are badass racing engines. The Yamaha 425’s aren’t built to be a racing engine. They are built to have a lot of torque and push big offshore fishing boats.
  8. Yea I agree two Yamaha 425’s would be a better choice.
  9. You are seeing more and more. This is the baddest #$%#$ around right here.
  10. Better change those manifolds and risers over the winter lol.
  11. My wife is the same way. I scare her to death sometimes. I like to open it up at least once a day. Lol. I’m about to put the Nizpro Marine 332hp tune on it. She is kinda upset with me right now. Lol
  12. I will run out your life with my outboard on the same 23’ boat. Facts! Done it several times this summer. No one is drag racing boats. It’s usually a roll start from at least 30mph cruising up the intercostal. Lol. I’m sorry those I/o’s are not popular down here in the south.
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