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  1. You I/O guys are some die hard people I will give you that. Such a pita to work on.
  2. Facts to many moving parts and to many issues. See it all the time.
  3. If you had a clue what you were talking about you would know that 350 is an old design and is getting replaced with the new xto425. I can’t say I have ever seen a Yamaha 350 on a actual boat. 4.2l SHO 200,225, 250’s, F250 and F300’s are all you see and of corse the inline 4 200’s and below. But #$^% even the old 350 is more reliable than these pos I/O’s.
  4. The problems were with the 3.3l engines. Sure there might be a few on the newer engines as they sell millions a year. Lol
  5. Look at the date on those threads old man.
  6. Well lucky for me I have the bullet proof 250 sho the 4.2 v6. The ones all the center console guys put 5000+ hrs on!!! Good day.
  7. Sorry for detailing the post but hey it did keep it at the top lol. The 280 OSX is a sweet boat for our area. But it is pricey!!! Salt water an outboard is a must imo.
  8. Again tht was early engines. The 4.2 v6 was brand new design in 2010.
  9. Telling you the truth. 15 years ago they had a corrosion problem. That’s is old news.
  10. Lol you have zero clue about outboard engines. I guess if they are so bad that’s why every cc fishing boat has one on them. You are clueless dude. That junk you got would last no time down here in salt water
  11. Most definitely will. I don’t have to change manifolds and risers ever lol.
  12. I just love working on a pos boat. Says nobody !!!
  13. Inboard is a great way to ruin your day boating from all the failures.
  14. I have a ssi 23 outboard and I do exactly what you are wanting to do and it’s perfect for about anything. My son does flips on the wake board behind it. Wake is about perfect for wake boarding. Salt water doesn’t bother the outboard and we go to Destin Navarre area atleast 3 times a month then our local lake on sundays. The boat really does everything well imo.
  15. Buy an outboard boat problem solved
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