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  1. Delsol25, before buying our 310 with two 5.0 ltrs we tried one with 2 x 4.3ltrs and it is just fine dont worry, slightly more noise at same speed but cheaper on gas... congrats...
  2. congrats, great boat !
  3. Delsol25, it looks like your at the refuge ?, was there for a few years, now at Gaines marina, NY, just loving it....keep us posted on your lights ! thanks
  4. great bet ! we love our also
  5. Hi, I have a sign 310 2011, with the Lexan windscreen package, it is the best looking product on the market, like having windows all around, but; havent heard too may ppl having problems with them, but mine have been leaking since day one, court case upcoming It takes quite a bit of storage space since they are so thick you cannot bend or roll them, they have to be flat and in they carrying bag with separators so they do not touch each other to prevent scratches. so I stored them flat on the bed since the alf cabin is already full with other items stored other then that best product out there for vision and also easy to install and to remove best of luck..
  6. it's in the water now, floating on Lake Champlain N.Y Yesssssss !
  7. May first, our baby will get wet, finally......cant wait.. ! Yesss......!
  8. wasnt planned to be an ice fishing trip.........
  9. From the album Luckyluke

    first day on the water at old port of Montreal
  10. From the album Luckyluke

    At the Burlington Boat House Oct 2011
  11. From the album Luckyluke

    anchored at Mallet Bay VT
  12. From the album Luckyluke

    mooring for the week-end...:-)
  13. From the album Luckyluke

    ancored for the night
  14. From the album Luckyluke

    Vergennes, Vermont
  15. great pic