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  1. 03 Sig 300. I’m looking for recommendations for led lighting in the cockpit area. Currently, the only lights in the cockpit are the radar arch lights. I’m looking for more of an ambient/mood that would illuminate the floor in the rear bench area as well as under the helm console. Has anyone added such lighting? Any stay away froms or go tos? Thanks!
  2. For anyone interested, I decided to swap the speedo and the factory twin needle tach with individual tachs. Having a tach for each engine is more conducive for me as I’d rather monitor and match engine speed and use the Garmin for speed. I also got brave and removed the other factory gauges and took them apart. Polished the glass lenses, cleaned the gauge backing and cleaned the electronic components with contact cleaner. They look and work like brand new now. I couldn’t be happier!
  3. This thread is magic! The glass on my speedometer broke a few weeks ago. I was able to order a new near identical replacement from greatlakesskipper and had planned to swap the domed glass lens to keep the sanctity of OEM across the gauge panel - no dice unless I destroy the new speedo in the process, which I cant bring myself to do. Fast forward a couple days and now my tachometer is losing its mind and wont settle down - jumping, rotating around and around, etc. The original post in this thread dashed any hopes in finding a working OEM dual engine tachometer, yet gave me the solution at the same time. I decided to send the speedometer back and instead ordered 2 single engine tachometers that match the rest of the gauges. 1 for the original tachometer cut out and the other for the speedometer cutout. I never ever looked at the speedometer in the first place and instead have always used my Garmin for speed. Posting the wiring schematic for the tachometer helped tremendously!!! Thanks again for the info provided!!!!
  4. Faria estimated a 5 week turn around for lens replacement. Gonna cost me nearly the same as just buying a new gauge and swapping the lens myself. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Specifically the speedometer. Hi guys, newbie here. I purchased a mint 2003 signature 300 about a month ago. Everything works as it should, but not everything is as clean as it should. Anyway, I had some fog in the speedometer and while pulling the glass off to clean and dry it, it broke . I know this is a shot in the dark, but by chance does anyone know if anyone has this gauge lying around? The part number is 63173. My only idea for a fix (without a full gauge swap) to keep it original, is to purchase the Faria (part number SEK700A) and try to swap the glass bezel to the original.....
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