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  1. Snap in SeaDek is available on new builds.
  2. Yes, the 26 SSX I looked at this weekend was a piece of crap. How could anyone lower themselves from a 15 to 25 year old boat to such a thing? Mind boggling.....................
  3. One last suggestion: get the dealer to contact Chaparral and be sure to get those dual storage doors. To make sure they follow through have them agree to install one if it comes in with only one. Both sides are huge storage!
  4. I have doors/storage on both sides. I’ve never seen a 21 or 23 without both sides having doors. If by some strange reason yours comes in without one the dealer can install it. It’s a must have. Lots of room in there!
  5. I have a 2021 23 SSi with Merc 250 V6 Bravo 3. This configuration performed well with the boat fully load plus seven adults. Fuel efficiency excellent. I typically cruise at 30-35 MPH. WOT is 46-49 MPH (GPS) depending on load. I don’t tow skiers, so I don’t need the V8. I love the duo prop. Handling in all conditions is freakin’ awesome plus the B3’s are heavier duty drives. Whatever you choose you’ll love the boat!
  6. That’s smart. I’ve never owned a Volvo.
  7. Since he’s disclosed the boat is fuel injected it’s highly doubtful it’s vapor lock. I’m not familiar when Volvo did away with carbs, but any carbed engine will vapor lock if the engine compartment isn’t vented well. Boiling fuel in the lines won’t run in any brand.
  8. Sounds like you may be experiencing vapor lock. Is you blower functioning properly? Any air vent hoses loose?
  9. I ordered on May 14th took delivery July 31st. The dealer isn’t small but not Atlanta Marine either.
  10. You want the Clarion upgrade. The remote is very handy and the head unit on the base model is very basic. If you plan to upgrade the system yourself that’s different.
  11. If you’re looking at an in stock boat with a single prop you can’t simply upgrade the prop. Dual props are completely different lower drive units. That being said the dual props offer: better hole shot, better fuel mileage, better low speed maneuvering especially in reverse, helps planing with a full boat, allows planing at slower speeds. Lower drive unit is more heavy duty as well. At least on Mercs. Good luck.
  12. An 8 foot door should be no problem. I get a 23 SSi in a 7 foot door.
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