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  1. I ordered on May 14th took delivery July 31st. The dealer isn’t small but not Atlanta Marine either.
  2. You want the Clarion upgrade. The remote is very handy and the head unit on the base model is very basic. If you plan to upgrade the system yourself that’s different.
  3. If you’re looking at an in stock boat with a single prop you can’t simply upgrade the prop. Dual props are completely different lower drive units. That being said the dual props offer: better hole shot, better fuel mileage, better low speed maneuvering especially in reverse, helps planing with a full boat, allows planing at slower speeds. Lower drive unit is more heavy duty as well. At least on Mercs. Good luck.
  4. An 8 foot door should be no problem. I get a 23 SSi in a 7 foot door.
  5. It’s all about finding that magic depth. Just approach slowly. If you touch the bow before the bunks you’re too deep.
  6. Would be shocked if there’s not universal agreement with this.
  7. Mine is a Coyote all bunk trailer. The roller I’m referring to is the bow stop.
  8. They’re very close. I back the trailer in completely submerging the front bunks. The front of the bunks are under water about 3-4 inches deep. The boat doesn’t align until 2-3 feet from the roller. Go on slow and use a small amount of power to gently touch the roller. Small amount of power needed to hold boat until hooked and winched tight. Always sets perfectly on bunks when pulled out. No friction or strake damage.
  9. Oh crap! Hope Max doesn’t read this thread!!!
  10. Back the trailer in deeper when loading instead.
  11. This is all good. Appreciate everyone having fun with this.
  12. Some of this is correct. Boating Magazine’s tests measured the I/O at 10 decibels less than the outboard. That’s twice as silent. You may think the OB is quiet, but the actual tests say the I/O is much quieter. You are only considering top end performance. Dual propped rigs can blow away the OBs on the hole shot, carry more of a load while towing, & make the OBs look silly in low speed maneuvers. This test results are also available from live Boating Magazine trials. If top end is your thing then absolutely single props are the way to go. Fuel economy goes to I/O particular
  13. The truth is Max has provided no substantive evidence or data for his claims. It’s all anecdotal stuff self admittedly based on an older I/O engine, forum posts, & false claims about more outboards being ran than I/O. Outboards are not even close to representing 20% usage on sport boats although outboards are gaining popularity due to convenience of winterization & maintenance access. This is a sport boat forum not BassMasters where outboards are the majority. This has mainly been light hearted ribbing back and forth, but as far as being “the truth”? Just LOL. I’m not against out
  14. Just dropped by my truck dealer. I asked the service manager about converting under the hood area for storage and strapping an outboard on the tailgate. Why would anyone settle for less?
  15. Am I the only one that thinks if the boat were still under warranty Volvo wouldn’t be “recommending” that full replacement? They’d rebuild the existing engine most likely.
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