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  1. The wake surf boats are everywhere around here - very annoying. The lake becomes a roller coaster of wake walls from all directions. I stay away on the long weekends. I guess it's safe and low impact for the surfers...we used to crash at 40+ mph on slalom skis back in the good old days - at least the boat wakes didn't disrupt other boaters much.. Oh ya. The forward drive. Lots of shallows and milfoil here - no thanks.
  2. I bought my boat with the gauge working. After i filled the fuel, the gauge pinned way past Full. Used the boat over a week for 7 hours, thinking the sender was hung up. I did same tests with shorting wires at the sender. The gauge bounced between E and F. So I buttoned everything up thinking the wiring is good and the gauge wasn't working again! Soooo...I carefully tapped the edge of the gauge bezel with a piece of moulding and Bam - it jumped to life! Been working for a week so far...
  3. Welcome! I'm new here too...
  4. Maybe a sticky thermostat? If it only does it from a cold start. Maybe let it warm up a bit on fast idle at your slip first, until thermostat is open, usually 160F or so. Hope you get things sorted soon! From another "new" member.
  5. Greetings, Just bought a 1995 1830SS in late July. I live in Osoyoos, 2 min. from the lake. Enjoying the boat so far. Moved here from the Vancouver area 3 years ago, did years of boating in Howe Sound, Indian Arm, Pitt Lake, Fraser River. Quickly learned it doesn't take long to see all of a smaller lake! Love living in the Okanagan. Cheers
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