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  1. cto

    Faulty IAC perhaps

    Got the part today and dropped it in. Took about 8 minutes. Fired her up and all is well. No alarm and ran fine. Thanks to those of you that lended a helping hand. Stay well!
  2. cto

    Faulty IAC perhaps

    So once the IAC was replaced I assume the computer saw the correct IAC ranges and the alarm stopped sounding?
  3. cto

    Faulty IAC perhaps

    Long time member here but got locked out of the site because i cant recall my password...site forces you to wait 14 minutes between each attempt to log on 2006 232 sunesta with a 5.0L MPI bravo 3 Got an audible alarm today. 2 beeps one minute apart. When the alarm sounded throttled down and the boat died. All fluid fine. Oil pressure and temp were spot on all day. Boat would not start unless i gave her some gas..when she did start whenever i would come to neutral she would stumble and die..finially got her to idle and was able to get home...alarm sounding every minute, Seems like classic IAC valve to me but wanted to get 2 things...one, do you guys think im on the right path and two, what is the automotive part number equivalent..hopefully someone knows..i have been googling up a storm and am coming up empty..thanks
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