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  1. Just an update. Install was pretty easy. When looking at the various Garmin illustrations in the manuals it make it seem as if the powered NMEA network makes for a simple one connection addition of devices that use the NMEA network. In fact, its just the data connection, which requires a small amount of power and as stated above, you need the primary power to be established on each device. As to setting up a NMEA network, you basically need a T connector for each device you intend to connect and a one T connector for power. You will also need one male and one female end cap to terminate the sides. The Garmin NMEA starter kit has what you need, minus one T Connector if connecting 2 devices. I opted for an additional cable to the starter kit to get a shorter (2m) cable rather than use the 6m cable in the kit. My setup has three T connectors screwed to each other, M/F end caps on either end, a power cable connected to the middle T, and a data cable from the T connector on either side to the radio and chartplotter, respectively. Below shows my setup (radio instead of GPS though) The radio I am using is the the Garmin VHF210 with the Garmin 742xs Chartplotter that came with my 2020 SSI 21. Thanks for everyones help!
  2. Hello all, A few weeks back I added a Garmin 210 VHF to my 2020 SSI21 with Garmin Chartplotter. To simplify things, I didn't create a NMEA 2000 network and just connected the radio to power and ground. No issues. Now I would like the radio to pull the GPS from the Chartplotter by establishing the NMEA network and connecting both. As I understand it, I need 3 T connecters, M/F end caps, 2 data cables and 1 power cable. My question is, will the radio and chartplotter now draw power from the powered network and I need to disconnect power to the radio and chartplotter or can I leave current connections and add power to the network and two data cables to the chartplotter and radio? Thanks for any help. Tom
  3. I plan to crawl under the helm today and take a few pictures. With the NMEA 2000 vs 0183, to you think its worth the effort for installing a NMEA network vs simple wiring of the 0183. If I understand correctly, the 2000 offers more data vs abbreviations with 0183. At this point though, no plan to add other electronics.
  4. Ok, so it sounds like use one of the accessory switches for the power line and ground to a common ground bus. Since I don't have any plans to expand with other devices right now, easiest way for NMEA is to use the 0183 wires already present. Thanks for the help and I'll report back with any issues. If anyone comes along in the interim and has some additional comments, please feel free. I won't be doing this until the weekend so I have some time. Thanks.
  5. Hello All, I just picked up a Garmin VHF210 for my 2020 SSI21 and looking at options to install, specifically for power/ground. I'm fairly mechanically inclined with cars/trucks but this is our first boat and don't want to connect to something I shouldn't. Options appear to be - Hook up to an unused accessory switch, direct wire to battery, or some combo of switch and common ground/power. Also, to connect to my 74x chartplotter, I believe I just need the NMEA 2000 data cable. Thanks for any help! Tom
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