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  1. Ok guys. I cleaned every connection I could find. As it stands now on my no start issue, the engine cranks but no start. Confirmed the fuel pump is running. Confirmed the voltage to my starter, alternator, ignition switch and coil is all 12 volts. Ohm reading on coil is 1.3. Reading from inside coil to post is 10.3 kila ohms. Seems ok? When I plugged an in-line spark tester onto each plug I get no light. When I plugged it into the middle connected and the coil wire I get no light. Seems like the coil or the coil wire is bad, right?
  2. Where was that black box on your boat?
  3. Also, I pushed the 50 amp red breaker button at the top of the engine and it did not go In.
  4. Could be the reason. I replaced the starter and solenoid so if that was it hopefully it won’t happen again. right now when I turn the key to the on position I get full power to the dash, horn and gauges. I double checked the connections to the starter, scrubbed them clean, replaced the 90 amp and tightened everything. it cranks when I turn the key, doesn’t start. When the battery terminal melted, is there anything else that could have been damaged? Prior to this, engine started without issue.
  5. Ok. Recently we were out and our 2003 ssi with a mercruiser engine would not start after we stopped for a bit. After a bit I looked at the battery and the positive bolt Had melted out of the plastic casing. The battery wire was blazing hot. since then, I replaced the battery. Still would not start. I noticed the battery cable to the solenoid on the starter was loose. When tightening, the bolt sheared right off. I replaced the starter and the solenoid. still won’t start. I replaced the battery cables both positive and negative. The engine sounds like it’s going to start but won’t ignite. Starter does not sound sluggish. Confirmed that gas was getting to the engine. someone told me I could have fried the coil, does that sound right? Not sure how to test that, and not sure if maybe there is a fuse that I’m missing. I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!
  6. The bolster buddy's are on back order, so I bought the casting seat that tomnjo has above to see if that helps. Meanwhile, all of the wise back to back lounger seats I find have TERRIBLE reviews, and they seem to be the only one selling after market seats. I may just wait, pull the seats in the winter and have them fixed.
  7. This is great and a better explanation than the videos I was finding. I did not test the gauge by jumping between the S and I at the gauge, I'll do that tonight to see how that goes. Thanks!
  8. New to me 2003 200 ssi, when I got it the fuel gauge does not work. Looking for advice, here is what I know so far: 1.) Fuel gauge reads empty at all times 2.) I unplugged the fuel sender pink wire and ground from the fuel sender top, crossed them together with the ignition on and the gauge did not react. 3.) hooked my multimeter up to the power and ground on the fuel gauge with the ignition on and got 11 volts So it looks like the fuel gauge is getting power, but touching the ground and pink sender wire at the fuel sender did not cause the gauge to move. The next steps I read was checking that the ground from the fuel sender is good, but not certain how to do that. Something about "ohming out the ground" with the multimeter but I don't understand what that means, I know next to nothing about electricity and wiring. Any help on next steps to determine if it's the sender or the gauge or the ground? THANKS!
  9. The Admiral, lol, makes total sense.... Thanks for the bolster buddy idea, will make me feel like a booster seat at bob evans but will get the job done!
  10. Good idea, I just ran that by the real captain though and she did not want to lose the extra seat. But I like that I could put a seat in there with a bolster, thanks for the idea.
  11. We just bought a 2003 ssi, first time boat owners and we love it. However, I really don't like how low the lounge chair sits, I was constantly sitting on my one knee to see. While tubing yesterday, I was standing and leaning against the top of the seat and it gave way and split the connections between the two seats. Does anyone have suggestions on replacement seats? I want the same layout, back to back loungers on both sides, and I want something that is easy to install that is hopefully a higher seat than the originals. Thanks!!
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