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  1. Actually no. We just discovered the cable bellow is blown & leaking an ridiculous amount of water into the bilge.No wonder why the ski locker was filling lol. Off to the mechanic she goes.
  2. Well, we have now corrected the water in bilge area issue. The drain plug seal was malfunctioning, so we replaced that. I’m hoping that was the main issue with water filling into the ski locker and no further problems arise. We won’t know until we drop it in the water again.
  3. What is the “passage” area for? I have been trying to figure this out on my boat.
  4. Yes! There are 2 small spaces where water from the bilge area is getting up under the ski locker. It seems to be made that way, so we weren’t concerned, until our plug failed. We have fixed the plug issue, so I want to know if it’s normal to have water in the ski locker area at all?? There is a small drain hole in the bottom of the ski locker that the water is coming up through from the under part of the boat via the bilge area. We put a small plug in that hole now, but I am uncertain if that is suppose to be that way or not. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. We ar
  5. Does anyone know why the center floor compartment is getting water into it? We fixed the drain plug issue, but don’t know why water is filling in that area.
  6. The plug was definitely in, but we did notice it was leaking around the seal. That was problem #1. But we don’t know why there is water filling in the middle floor compartment. Is that suppose to get water into that area if the drain plug is leaking? I’m a total newb to boating.
  7. Hi Guys, I have a 1991 Chaparral 1900sl that I just purchased locally. We took it today for the first time, & tried to launch it. Unfortunately we had water coming in, so we didn’t fully launch. After we pulled the boat out of the water, we noticed water in the middle storage compartment. We have no clue where or how water could even get into that part of the boat. (SEE PHOTO) Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions on how we can figure out how to source a leak when they are no visible cracks or anything on the hull of the boat? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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