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  1. Here is my current "new part's" list.. any suggestions on anything that "absolutely" needs to be replaced at 550 hours? At this point I'm so deep.. where the mechanic isn't asking a whole lot of money to swap old parts for new.. Complete Long Block Exhaust Flappers Distributor, Coil and Ignition Belt Head Bolt (1 of 2) Head Bolt (2 of 2) Head Gasket Valve Cover Gasket Spark Plug Cable Kit and new Sparks Exhaust Gasket Fuel Filter Intake Gasket Water Pump Theromostat Alpha 1 - 0L943360 Impeller repair kit Alpha 1 Gen 2 Transom Bellows Repair/Reseal Kit Trim Sender Unit (mine is busted)
  2. How did that turn out for you? Kinda excited to see the Long block getting dropped off today - on a big truck!
  3. Well guys.. its kept getting worse and worse.. We took apart the heads. The low compression side had a huge gap in the head gasket (about 1/2'") between the cylinders.. that was the easy part. The worse - we had fire pitting on the block. To the point were neither of us where comfortable slapping a new head gasket down and going about. Also, the opposite head had a pretty noticeable crack on one of the water ports.. the giant intake gasket might of sealed it up.. who knows! After reaching out to a few shops to get the block and heads straightened out.. we decided to just replaced with a long block from Mercury. (3500 to deck the block and heads vs 4100 next day delivery from Mercury). This saved us from weeks (maybe a month) to just days. Tall order? Yes.. but at least it comes with a warranty! Next step is to return some parts and see who wants to by my old assembly! lol. I'll keep anyone in the loop who is interested about the process... block should get here today . Okay got to get back to work and figure out how to pay my credit card off, lol.
  4. Update - between 3 and 5 .. head gasket was gone! Its not great news.. but at least progress is being made!
  5. I like this idea and did something like it on my car restoration project.. but for this particular instance.. I want to keep as OEM as possible.
  6. Complete Heads 8M0115137 2 572.31 1144.62 Coil 805570A2 1 93.01 93.01 Distributor and Ignition 805185A36 1 333.99 333.99 Belt 8638764 1 95.78 95.78 Starter 863007A1 1 233.71 233.71 Here is the part numbers.. just incase somebody needs to see this thread in the future
  7. First round of parts ordered. Saved about $150 bucks by sourcing thru NuWave Marina (plus I get points too!) I really focused on cooling - since that seems to be what caused the head gasket to go in the first place, right? Name Part Number Quantity Cost Head Bolt (1 of 2) 10-119671 4 13.17 Head Bolt (2 of 2) 10-11966 14 12.78 Head Gasket 27-75611001 2 47.99 Valve Cover Gasket 8M0150306 2 22.06 Spark Cable Kit 816761Q17 1 66.99 Exhaust Gasket 33395 2 11.02 Fuel Filter 35-802893Q 1 19.99 Intake Gasket Kit 807473A1 1 56.75 Water Pump Assembly 46-8M0113734 1 144.64 Theromostat 8M0109441 1 30.61 Water pump Impeller kit 47-8M0100526 1 49.78 Tear down by the shop began Monday.. waiting on results before I replace with brand new heads (aprox $1200 shipped in 2 days) or send of the old heads to be machined (no idea how much this would cost or take time) I see the recommendation to replace the distributor / ignition assembly / coil ($427) starter ($233) and belt ($96 - wow really?) which would take priority? Sounds like the starter right? I have no intentions of just replacing random parts.. but since the guys are already tearing have the engine down, might as well utilize their time best. Thankfully work has been crazy and overtime is helping pay these repair bills!
  8. Thats a great list! Thank you for sharing.. Not sure about the water pump, as I'm the third owner but since its already being pulled.. I cant imagine why not!
  9. Finally got a shop on board. Supposed to pull the boat out and start tearing her apart.. Given shes almost 20 years old.. 550 hours.. is there anything I should maintain on the Alpha 1 (Gen 2) outboard? Might as will pull it off (6 bolts and a clip). So far - the only thing on my list is to replace the exterior exhaust bellow (looks pretty old).. possibly repaint and resticker. Any suggestions?
  10. drummer22

    Switch Covers

    I purchased my covers from this seller on ebay. They ship with switches too, however you can pop the covers and use on your existing. Pretty cool if you want customization (I did for subwoofer and tower amplifiers, etc) https://www.ebay.com/itm/BLUE-Laser-Etched-LED-Rocker-Switch-5-PIN-Dual-Light-20A-12V-ON-OFF-SPEAKER/323700666685?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  11. drummer22

    Switch Covers

    Nice! That tool will make it much easier than a small flat head screw driver!
  12. Quick update. Pulled the valve on the side with the low compression. Every valve has this slight “looseness” from left to right (parallel to the length side of the engine) expect for the 4th valve (as in video below) on chamber 5 (my modest compression reading) Edit. The spring is compressed on that valve.. which I’m why I’m assuming no looseness.. However - I did put the valve cover back on, crank the engine (not start) took cover off to re-examine.. and notice the same spring was still compressed.. along with a spring on chamber 1. blah!! Going to talk to a new shop tomorrow https://ibb.co/V3Mc5Bx
  13. Curious - what is the process of inspecting the valves? Remove the valve covers and observe the springs / rockers? In other words.. is a stuck valve clearly obvious based on a visual inspecton of removing the cover only? (I don't have much experience with head work.. ) Thank you
  14. here is an absolute crazy idea.. instead of checking all the valves and getting the heads both machined - which could take weeks.. (no idea how much it will cost) and kinda guess at the problem.. Would it make since to just replace both heads outright? It looks like Mercury sells compete assemblies (8M0115137).. That way I can literally just bolt them on with new gaskets. and get back on the water. (Same with the distributor too). Maybe im just loosing momentum and thinking crazy??? lol
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