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  1. I attempted to take my boat out this morning and noticed the gas gauge was not working. I had a full tank and in the past after filling the gauge would stick on full for a while but never empty. With the price of gas and my boat having a 58-gallon tank I always keep 3/4 of a tank. How do I check it and if ok and possibly someone stealing my gas where do I get a locking gas cap?
  2. lawdog

    What does SSI mean

    Yesterday, I finally had the time to launch my 2001 220 SSI. As always the vessel preformed flaulessly. Recently had the mooring covers redone and also the vessel was completely detailed. The vessel looks like it came off the showroom floor. During our tour of the waterway a friend ask me what SSI means. I did not know the answer. What does SSI mean?. As a proud owner of a fine vessel what would be the maximum cruising RPM that i show pay attention too. I was advised that i should stay between 3500 and 4000. I usually stay around 3000, at that RPM the vessel is cruising nicely. A friend and prior owner of the vessel advised that he has had the vessel at 55 mph and that the vessel is equipped with a safety feature that governs the RPM's at the speed and prevents damage.
  3. lawdog


    Can i spray this Home Defense on the exterior side and top of my boat to prevent them from hanging out.
  4. My boat is on a lift and dock that is infested with spiders. I am not afraid of these little guys, but man do they leave a mess. Every time when we take out the boat and uncover the mooring cover we have to fight and kill spiders either on the cover or inside my boat. Is there a home remedy that can be placed in the interior of the boat under the cover or sprayed on the exterior to prevent these little guys from hanging out. Today i went to see if i could pressure the sides of my boat were the spider poop has accumulated and stained the hull. The power washer removed the piles of small residue, but did not remove the stain. What can i use to removed the stain and also deter these little guys from visiting. Help
  5. lawdog


    Not sure if the correct name for this device is a battery switch, but yesterday i went to take the boat out and turned the key on the battery switch to on. I then went to turn on the blower before lowered the drive to start the motor. The blower came on and the outdrive lowered, but when i turned the key to start my motor it did nothing. I thought i heard a pop, but was not sure. I went back turned the battery switch off and proceeded to check the battery thinking the battery was low on charge. I found the positive terminal loose, i tighten it up. I then turn battery switch back on and no power. The blower and outdrive and all accessories would not work. I thought a fuse. I returned to the battery switch turned it back on again and then turn the ignition key and the motor started. Could the battery switch have a short or do you guys think it needs replaced. I believe the problems lies within the swtich, because it intercepts the power from the battery to the equipment. My thinking not sure if i am right. If this switch needs replaced can you buy the same type as what came with my boat a 2001 220 SSI with a 5.0 Alpha
  6. lawdog


    trying to attach more photo's , don't know what happened with the duplicating
  7. lawdog


    Finally got the boat out for a ride on the Chesapeake Bay. Water was nice and the weather was perfect.During the ride i was able to capture a few pic's.
  8. lawdog


    Finally got the boat out for a ride on the Chesapeake Bay. Water was nice and the weather was perfect. During the ride i was able to capture a few pic's.
  9. lawdog

    "Gettin It Wet" Got wet....

    Well this afternoon i was able to launch my Chappy. The weather was perfect, but the wind had the water a little choppy. Still impressed with how quick the engine starts, a turn of the key and V8 is alive. I traveled up the channel to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and back, gauges are good and everything ran fine. Last week when i uncovered my boat i spent 6 hours, cleaning and bottom painting. The last two days i cleaned and buffed the paint. Looking good for 10 year old machine.Next year i plan on making sometime to clean the boat before it is serviced and shrink wrapped.
  10. lawdog


    Need some advise on how to detail my boat. I have a 2001 220 SSI the paint has oxidation on it. I went to Western Marine and purchased a buffer and some 3M brand oxidation remover with wax added. I applied the compound as directed, it removed the heavy oxidation, but the paint is still cloudy. Whatn should in do to restore the paint to a glossy or show room.
  11. lawdog

    Fuel gauge

    Not sure if i have a problem yet, but every time i fill the tank of my 2001 Chapparral 220 SSI the fuel gauge sticks. Some times after running the boat for awhile the gauge starts to work. Is this a common occurrence or a problem. I feel a little uneasy not knowing how much fuel is in the tank. What is a quick fix and how common are replacement fuel gauge
  12. lawdog

    Water in Bilge

    He told you right my 01 does the same
  13. lawdog

    Gimbal bearing

    I have a 2001 chap 220 ssi that i recently placed on my lift for the season. Where is the gimbal bearing on my I/O it is a 5.0 mercury alpha 1 drive. I greased two fittings on each side that appeared to have a black cap. I do not believe this is the gimbal bearing i looked all over and could not find any more fittings.
  14. lawdog

    I have a Sunesta and just pulled

    Excellent topic, I recently winterized my boat , and after completion i covered it with the mooring cover. By doing this i thought i would be good to go. Not... The next day i went out and noticed numerous leaves lying on the deck and swim platform. As i removed the leaves i noticed staining from the leaves. I tried everything to remove the staining , but nothing has worked.. What can i use.