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  1. Its going into storage next week. Thanks again for all the helpful feedback. No one local has been able to assist with suggestions like these. Hoping my storage marina can find and fix all the leaks.
  2. I have not seen one anywhere-used or new.
  3. Thanks again for the advice. We are doing indoor heated winter storage. Will ensure all the water is drained.
  4. Was on the boat today and took more pics of where I see water intrusion.-on both rudder packings, water inlet valve area for generator, and not sure what the last picture is of? Thanks.
  5. I appreciate the insights. Will look at all of the areas that you suggested.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it has to be under 12 feet which a good transporter has on a low boy. I did have to remove anything on the hard top-radar, antennas, etc, but did NOT have to remove the hardtop itself.
  7. Thanks again for the tips. After each outing, I shop vac out 10 gallons of water from the engine -all the water is below the bilge pump. It has been impossible here in Cleveland to get a dockside mechanic (they seem to have too much work to help me find my leak). Hopefully, my winter storage facility mechanics can help find it. I have received more help here than from anywhere else.
  8. Yes, they are inboards which I am told are not common for chapparal. Volvo Penta Engines. It looks like my swim platform is mounted?
  9. Thanks again. I will have to see which type of swim platform I have. This is a new/used boat to me. On my survery the swim platform deck had higher water content, so you may be right about this. I was also told that water may also be coming into the engine bilge from the rudder packings, so plan to have this redone when the boat is out of the water. I will definately have them look at the swim platform. I do see some old water stain in the engine bilge and will post some pictures soon. I appreciate your insights.
  10. Rambo, as far as your comment about a leaky swim ladder hole or rub rail on the swim platform, how might water enter in that manner? I guess what I am asking is how the swim platform mounts or connects to the boat. Thanks.
  11. That is a bilge pump in the aft cabin-see pic. Shower sump is dry. Sink and shower drain into shower sump I believe. Enging bilge being lowest in water makes sense. So, that water must be draining from somewhere up or maybe from bow? When I look into that space, I see water tricking from upstream as you noted. Thanks again.
  12. Thank you for the storage idea. On another note, with the 350's, have you had issues with the aft cabin bilge filling with water (see attached). David 2007 Sig 350
  13. Thank you both for the replies. I am referring to the little bilge area in the aft cabin (inside) not the engine bilge area as picture below. Are both your replies in reference to this little bilge area?
  14. Hello, I have 2007 Signature 350. There is always water in the aft bilge ( aft cabin ). Even when I vac it out, and it does not rain , there is water again. Where does this water come from? Thanks in advance. Frustrated.
  15. Is the table lowered and cushions go on top to set up the bed? Or is the table not needed as support? Thanks.
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