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  1. Test drives are super hard to come by especially with the 20hour break in period on these new motors. Can't really put them through their paces right away. I was kind of hoping to find someone through this forum that had one of the combinations that we are considering and talk to them or go for a ride all loaded up. I think I would like the torque and sound of the 4.5L but the storage and easier access of the Yamaha. I don't like the idea of bellows, gimbal bearings, motor couplers and those extra parts and holes in the boat. But it seams like most people deal with them as part of the boating experience. The dealer said that if we went to the 21' O/B he would recommend going with the Mercury 200 because it is a V6.
  2. Hey thanks for the replies and input. I'm really looking to try and get answers on the performance of the 150hp Yamaha on the 19' boat. We are jumping up from a 1992 Regal 17'6" 4.3L boat so the 19ssi with outboard has more interior space and storage then we are used to. Boating for us is a way to get the family together so we don't mind being close together in the boat, I just don't want it to be a dog. As far as the transom, I love the look of a shiny outboard out back and Chaparral O/B has a pretty cool ski tow that gives the rider a little higher tow point than the transom connection on the I/O. "Being Stuck with the 4cyl Yamahas", will the 19ssi be under powered with the Yamaha F150 out back? Compared to the 4.5L? I've seen reviews of the 19SSi with the 115hp and I would think that the 150hp would be incrementally better. 150 hp is the max HP that Chaparral allows on that boat. I wonder why they allow a 200hp I/O and only a 150hp O/B? I also am considering the 21 as well, never can have too much boat or motor. Of course everything has trade offs, towing, storage, $$$. thx,
  3. Mostly Wisconsin lakes, maybe the occasional trip out of state. We have a fairly large family, 5 kids ranging from 4yrs old to the oldest being 18. Our last boat was an old Regal 176 with a 4.3L Merc. I liked the power but it was unreliable for us. I really want to try the Yamaha outboard but just want to make sure we have enough power to ski, tube and wakeboard with the whole family of 7 on board.
  4. Hello, Does anyone out there own a 19 SSI with the Yamaha 150hp Outboard?
  5. Thanks, That is also a consideration. I'm still trying to get info regarding the actual weights of the hulls with engines and drives installed. It just doesn't make sense to me yet how the Outboard model would weight more than the I/O. That 400lb difference in motors would be a lot of fiberglass and steel reinforcing...
  6. I do agree that there are many things to consider when choosing boat power. One of the many things I am considering is power and power to weight ratio. I still find it hard to believe that the Outboard 19 SSI is heavier than the I/O, but I also wouldn't think that Chaparral would have it wrong on their website. I'm wondering if anyone out there has some real numbers or knowledge of the boat construction and weight.
  7. Weight without engines and drives would make far more sense, but the weights listed on Chaparral's website state: "Dry weights with Engines" . Now on the 21' the outboard they list the weight about 300lbs less than the I/O with makes sense to me. I kind of want to order the 19' boat with the outboard, but if there is no weight advantage it makes it less appealing over the I/O to me personally.
  8. Hello, Maybe someone out there can help me out. I am looking at purchasing a new 19 ssi Outboard or I/O. Chaparral Customer service says that the Outboard 19 SSI weighs 2,550lbs and the I/O 19 SSI weights 2,540lbs. I believe that the Outboard Motor would weigh hundreds of pounds less than the 4.5L Merc and outdrive. Are these posted weights accurate and if so, where does all the extra weight from the Outboard model come from?
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