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  1. I use CHURERSHINING EVA decking sheet. This has to be one of the cleanest, chicest, most attractive marine flooring mats I’ve ever seen. It looks very simple
  2. I suggest Krypt Towers Double Wakeboard Rack. this Krypt Wakeboard rack is made from high-quality aluminum, you can be sure that this rack is sturdy and will last for a while.
  3. You can consider Obcursco LED
  4. jane305


    I recommend Marine Carpeting Do-It-Yourself carpet. True to its name, this product comes with an installation kit so you can lay it on your boat floor on your own. The carpet comes along with a carpet knife, free blades, free tech advice, and an installation guide.
  5. You should use LED because it is more durable, with a longer shelf life. It is also reliable to stay bright and light up to a considerable distance, without warming up or ruining its encasement with the heat. I use EXZEIT LED, you can buy it on amazon.
  6. No need to disconnect them. As long as your trailer lights are water proof there shouldn't be a problem.
  7. For dome light, you could use TH Marine LED. This product is available in two models: switchable 9 white/6 red LEDs which are great for night vision and 15 white LEDs. This product has an extremely long lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Therefore, you will rest easy knowing that it can save a lot of time without making any replacement anytime soon. you can see reviews of LED boat lights here
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    Guide post

    Remove oxidation with rubbing compounds 1.Use the least abrasive oxidation remover possible, so you do not grind away more of the gel coat than is necessary. 2.Fit an orbital buffer with a terry cloth bonnet, and pour on the oxidation remover. 3.Hold the buffer against the hull side, using even pressure, and hit the power button. 4.Sweep the buffer back and forth across the hull a few times. Never hold the buffer still while running.
  9. I polish the boat with Dewalt, works as both a buffer and a polisher. The unit has a fairly lightweight construction, so using it won’t be that much of a hassle.
  10. I use Better Boat Deck Brush, it's a great brush for the boat. Despite having soft bristles, it does a great job of breaking up grease, grime, algae, scum, and even bird-droppings. It works effectively even when used with water alone. you can see the review at: https://www.ridetheducks.com/best-boat-cleaning-brushes
  11. You could try Mary Kate On and Off. It's very efficient in taking out rust, it can also remove calcium really well too. You should wear rubber gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection. Wash thoroughly after handling.
  12. I think you can try 303. It is ability to remove stains quickly while revitalizing discolored and old surfaces .
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