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  1. You can consider underwater lights. Well, I’d say that this product is pretty much for anyone who likes to fish. In fact, it’s also good for those who ride out into the lake during dawn when the sun isn’t fully up yet. It’s not only good for fishing but it is also good for night time boat rides or boat dates in the evening. As long as you own a boat, you’ll love this product.
  2. I use 3M Aluminum restorer and polish, smooth and easy application, polishes out well, and makes oxidized aluminum look nearly new. Not cheap but well worth the price. I use Star Brite premium polish, satisfied with this product. I do my own waxing/detailing because it puts me upfront and personal, so I can spot loose screws, bolts, and other issues early before something major can happen. I have been using this for over 10 years on my 22 footers and it is simply awesome. I love the surprised looks on faces when they find the boat is 11 years old. Once in the spring, once in the fall (truthf
  3. At some point in your boating career, you will eventually collide with the dock in a hard way. When that happens, it is best to have dock bumpers even if you already have boat fenders to avoid significant damages. This is the biggest benefit you will actually get out of this device.
  4. Used 3M Restorer and Wax to cut and polish a water line off my boat. I didn't think I had "severe" oxidation like some boats that sit at docks tend to get but I used this product along with an orbital buffer from Harbor Freight and it worked amazingly. It did take longer to buff the water line than I thought it would have but this product took it all off and left the boat feeling silky!
  5. I recently purchased Moeller seat, this is a great seat and cushion set for the price. Easy to install and durable. The only issue I notice in this boat chair is its size. I think this was not designed for people with large frames. You can consider it.
  6. You can consider Q QUNSUNUS LED Remote Spotlights. In terms of the quality of the light, this 12V LED spotlight is exceptional. As it comes with a high-intensity LED, it can illuminate up to 200 meters of bright lights. But what impressed me the most is its remote control feature. It gives the user the ability to control and pinpoint the direction of the place where the light is needed.
  7. 3M Marine restorer and wax works good on any fiber glass or gel coat. This cleaner has a dual purpose: it both cleans your boat and gives it a little wax job. That’s why it’s known as a boat hull restorer. Me and my friends often use it to return the shine of our boats when they get dull.
  8. I using Star Brite mold and mildew, It works great.
  9. For mold and mildew you can consider Star Bride, I am impressed by the ability of this product to remove stains and clean from other surfaces aside from the boat seats. I have personally used this product before and found it to be effective in removing stains coming from mildew and even molds. Sprayed waited about 10 minutes, and it worked GREAT. Mildew and old stains almost completely gone.
  10. You can consider Meguiar’s cleaner, This high gloss formula not only cleans windshields but will also leave tires looking nice and shiny. Its formula has water-resistant polymers and anti-hazing technology. Hence, it can deal with the dirtiest glass.
  11. I am also using bumpers from Hull Hugr, it can be installed easily using common tools. Keeps my boat rom getting beat up at the dock, and it allowed me to eliminate a need for boat fenders. I bought two for front and two for rear of boat.
  12. You can consider Oceansouth pedestals, this product comes with a gas-powered height adjustable feature. The height adjustment setting will enable the pedestal to somehow normalize and absorb the shock felt by the user. This will let the pedestal assist you with a smooth sailing ride even if there are large waves in the ocean. This post can help boat you choosing the right one for your boat: https://www.ridetheducks.com/best-boat-seat-pedestals
  13. I bought Mighty Max Battery to power a 36-pound thrust trolling motor mounted on a kayak. I was able to try it out on the water today and I am happy with the results so far. I was only able to run it for a couple of hours but under continuous use, at varying speeds, it still had lots of power left when I was done. The trolling motor has 5 LEDs to indicate battery condition and there was still 4 lit after 2 hrs.
  14. 303 Products is great, I am recommending it for purchase if you are looking for flexibility and affordability in a vinyl cleaning product. I also liked that it does not leave any oily residue after the application which is totally different from other regular vinyl cleaners. Other regular products even leave a foul odor which is not good to the users of the boat.
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