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  1. Cyclops- thank you for the bottom coat recommendation. I likely will go with in/out service at our Marina instead of keeping it in the harbor on the Illinois River. Speed was GPS and tach was the gauge.
  2. Admittedly, regardless of pulling my boat out 3 times this season to have the hull cleaned growth may have a speed impact. On the Illinois River and growth accumulation is ridiculous. Will do in and out svc (valet) next year. RPM max would be the same though.
  3. Thank you very much. This is helpful. Gear ratio on the Alpha is 1.62.
  4. I had the Exact same issue (identical to your pics)happen on a new 2019 H2O. Dealer had Chaparral send replacement brackets and will replace them at end of season. Like you I expect same issue next year. Cheap plastic.
  5. Hello - I have a new 2019 Chaparral 21’ H2O w/ a 250 HP Merc and Alpha Drive. It came w/ a 3 blade 14.25 x 21P and I think it is over propped. WOT only 4300 RPM and 43mph. RPM range s/b 4800-5200. Would like to go to a 4-blade for Watersports. Any recommendations on size and pitch? What has worked for you. Shocked it shipped w/ something that only can get to 4300 RPM.
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