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  1. On a side note, I'm fairly disappointed with the poor design choices that I see on lots of modern vehicles like boats and trucks. I'm a former engineer, and one thing I've discovered about boats and trucks and other items is that they don't seem to give much thought to user access and maintenance. When I was in college and working on a project design, our professors always told us to "keep it simple, stupid" but apparently that philosophy has fallen by the wayside. Just changing out a truck battery is more difficult than it used to be, some of them have 2 layers on top that you have to remove before you can even get to the battery posts. What used to be a 2 minute job has now turned into 10 minutes requiring multiple tools. That's just stupid design philosophy.
  2. I have a 246 SSI, getting under or to the back of the engine is a real pain in the $^&. Sometimes I feel like I should just unscrew the hinges for the rear bench/seat cover and lift the entire freaking thing off the boat so I dont have to crawl down into a small hole.
  3. I just don't see how CO could accumulate that rapidly in an open air well ventilated environment. Surely their boat engine must be malfunctioning?
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