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  1. Looking to meet fellow Chappie owners. Mines not new but absolutely love it. 1997 2330
  2. Interested myself as I am putting a swim platform and through hull exhaust on my 2330
  3. Love our Madeline Island runs on Lake Superior
  4. I know this is a dead topic but any chance you still have this
  5. Good evening, picked up a new to me 1997 2330ss with 7.4 carb merc and 1.5 ratio bravo one drive stainless 15 1/4 three blade 19p prop. With 1/2-3/4 fuel and tow adults it’ll only run 43 on the speedo(40ish gps) and 4100 rpm. Looking for a direction to go. It gets on plane plenty fast for me but I want some decent speed out of it. Any help would be appreciated.
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