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  1. hmm...sounds interesting
  2. Look there https://www.boatparadise.com/boats-for-sale/chaparral/ for any signature owners, maybe you''l find the one.
  3. Totally agree! Their algorithms don't always work for the creators.
  4. Look up in here boatparadise Maybe will find something! Good luck!
  5. This thread is so helpful! Thank you guys!
  6. Search something here. I found such a nice boat there lasr summer. https://www.boatparadise.com/
  7. My friend suggested me to start a new hobby. So I am in the fishing now! Thinking about buying this cutie...https://www.boatparadise.com/boats-for-sale/ad-02jr-2007-chaparral-204-ssi What do you think?
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