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  1. sounds the a possibility can be the relay pack, ill try to buy one
  2. Thank you, let me give you a couple of symptoms 1.- I switch the cables and when those are change the problem occur reversible 2.- Now in normal operation on the side that it works, after reaching speed and the gate is open, a warning shows on the screen, its mentioned that the surf is extended, that never happened before. 3.-Trying to syncronized it does not work at all, on service mode one side open and closes regularly, the otherone nothing as well as in normal operation Thanks for your help
  3. I have the same problem on my 21 surf boat, now is not under warranty any ideas on the best way to repaired it, can it be exchange Chaparral does not respond at all and my I only option is via a dealer but unfortunately not an option for me, since the boat is in Mexico
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