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  1. What a bummer. I thought they would for sure cover it. I have purchased boats like this in the past. I have the means and equipment to do big jobs like this. I would be interested in buying your 370 if you are interested in selling. I can fix it and get it back on the water.
  2. aarondadams

    Transom Seal

    That looks a lot easier than when I did it on my boat. Twins... with less room... But great pics.
  3. I have had a few on the swim decks. No problems. Drill pilot holes and use hand tools. Stainless screws break much easier than regular screws.
  4. Its probably a problem with the exhaust manifold or risers if there was that much water in the cylinders. Was the water in all 8? Both banks?
  5. On Marriage Saver- My Dad and step mom have a 53 foot carver they keep in long beach. they have matching shirts. His says- "Sorry for what I said to you while docking the boat" Hers says- "Sorry for what I said about you while docking the boat"
  6. Super cool. I had no idea they had such a thing. The marriage saver. LOL.
  7. We are based out of Phoenix. Lake Pleasant is our go to- its only15 minutes away but it is really rocky. You can get in the water, but nearly impossible to go to shore. Lake Powell- 1-2 times a year. About 5 hours and awesome. Go for long weekends. Especially Labor day. Long Beach- My dad keeps his Carver in long beach. So we can head to the ocean. Go to New Port, etc. Catalina- Once a year or so we go to Catalina. Its about a 7 hour drive towing the boat and my small kids. Once we get to long beach its 26 miles across and typically takes an hour or so. Almost always see
  8. I am not sure I understand this comment... how does a thru-hull fitting help evaluate/maintain the bravo three cooling? I dont want to hijack your thread, but is there a cool trick or product that I dont know about?
  9. Thanks. I "think" I can make an 11 fit, but if it came stock with a 6, then that is what I will put back. It will fit easier. Thanks again.
  10. I am working on my project boat. Someone removed the water heater and I cant find the specs- does anyone know if it came with a six or an eleven gallon water heater? Thanks Aaron
  11. aarondadams

    Transom Seal

    I just did this job on a 2001 Chap 300. Once the motors were out it was pretty easy to get the transom assemblies out. Here are some things that come to mind: Once the motors were out, the transom assemblies were straight forward to get out. I disconnected the trim hoses at the pump, then pulled the assembly out with the hoses attached still. It was easier to feed the hoses through on the bench vs the bottom of the boat. I replaced the fitting for the gear lube bottles- they are 11 bucks and it will never be easier to replace them. My gimble ring and swivel pi
  12. I bought a 2000 chaparral 300 as a project. It had two bad motors that I thought would be an "easy" fix. Here is what I learned: If you give a Chaparral new motors (any boat probably), then it will want new couplers too ( Excessive play in the old ones). While the engines are out, you might as well reseal the transom. While resealing the transom you notice that there is a TON of play and water leaking through the bravo three swivel pin. Working on pulling it apart now to see how bad the gimble ring is. Live and learn, the easy project is never easy! Here is what I have
  13. Right. I bought this boat with bad engines as a "project". Both blocks are completely destroyed from freezing so they are going to the scrap yard. I will be much more careful with the Quicksilver replacement motors!
  14. I just pulled the twin engines out of my 2000 Sig 300. The motors are positioned like yours so I had to make to adapter to grab the engine lower, then a U shaped bar to be able to grab the motor from under the floor. I attached some pics so hopefully you can see. I was lucky that I have an excavator that I can use, but I was unlucky that I had to work around the radar arch.
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