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  1. Does anybody have a 8000 lumens drain plug light with a inboard outboard? Does the lower unit block a lot of the lighting? Or do you think it would? I'm looking for a bright LED drain plug light but I can't decide if I want a high lumen expensive single unit or if I want to go with two that are not rated so high with a y splitter that will end up costing about the same in the end. I'm open for any suggestions. Thanks!
  2. Do you know what depth I need for a 2008 Chaparral Sunesta 224?
  3. Where did you purchase yours from?
  4. My gas gauge has been acting up not sure if I need to replace the gauge itself or if there may be an issue somewhere else along the line has anyone else had this issue and how do you think it should be corrected?
  5. Oh ok cool! My bad I clicked on rreale's profile. Texoma that's cool down southeast of me on the coast we have FlorBama
  6. New York right? Well I'm down here in Alabama but I have decided I am going to watch the Lows and if I see anything near freezing within a 10-day forecast that's when I will drain all the water from my boat.
  7. Now there's something I've not thought of... Hmmmmmm. Thank you rreale
  8. Thanks for the advice. But I'm looking for a good deal on a engine compartment heater. This is my first winter with a inboard/outboard. We had a pontoon boat with an outboard motor the last couple of winters and we like to still go camping on the lake in the off-season so I'm not draining my engine so it's not that I don't know how to drain my engine I've seen enough YouTube videos and I've asked plenty of other boat owners in my area about that subject and no one I've talked to yet drains their engine here in this part of Alabama. Although I'm sure any further up north that would definitely b
  9. What a great deal! $200 is more than I intend on paying but thanks.
  10. I'm looking for an affordable bilge heater to use this winter. I'm not going to winterize my boat because I live in Alabama and there are not many days/nights that the temperature falls at or below freezing also we take the boat to the lake and go camping in the off-season. What do you guys use?
  11. Docking lights are very useful for trailering my boat at night. My port side light is dim and I'm considering upgrading both of them to LED bulbs in my '08 Sunesta 224. Can anyone tell me what bulb I need, where to find one or provide a link for me? Thanks. I would like to go ahead and have some bulbs before I even take the old ones out but if not then I will just have to go ahead and take the old ones out and match them up the old fashioned way lol.
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