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  1. Thanks very much for the heads up, I wouldn't have thought of it. The top I linked shows a canopy width 10" less than the beam of the boat so I think it would be inboard enough to keep from coming into contact with something else.
  2. Thanks so much for your help! I've got a bit more Googling to do before committing to something but I'm going to take some additional measurements when I get a chance to visit the boat again and am considering this bimini if the measurements pan out and I don't find something better.
  3. Hi there everyone! I just picked up a 1991 1800SL for what I think to be a great price and we're very excited to use it but one thing the family would like is the ability to hide from the sun at certain times so I've begun looking on eBay at generic bimini tops but I'm not quite sure how to pull off getting something that will work. I don't want to damage the boat itself in the process so want to try to steer away from sketchy install methods. Has anyone done an install of a generic top and if so, what did you go with, how did the install go and how happy are you with the results? If you know of a particular solution, I'd love information about it. Thanks for your time!
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