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  1. Just use a marine sealant and caulk. Boat caulking helps hardwares above the deck and serves as marine sealant below waterline. The right marine caulking sealant relieves challenging work on a boat. They take care of a boat’s life and function. It is best choice to keep a boat waterproof, airtight, and gain longer life span.
  2. This RUNACC electric air pump became a permanent inclusion in my list of camping and boating items. I love that it delivers both with relative ease for just about any inflatable item I use when taking my regular trips, tires included. This neat little gadget constantly fills our four floaties and kayaks with air in less than 5 minutes. That’s fast considering what other pumps in the same price range can manage.
  3. Toilet is a pain to deal with for many boaters. The best marine macerator pump offers an effective solution. This device attaches to the toilet to grind the solid waste into a fine slurry, making it easier to flow to the sewage. It will prevent clogging of the boat’s sewage system by breaking down waste into smaller particles for traveling through pipes and hoses effortlessly. It is also convenient, because it simplifies clean-up of fish boxes and livewells.
  4. Regularly check the pumps for damage, including dents and cracks. Fix the problem before it worsens. Tighten all the connections. Use an in-line filter or strainer on the pump. It removes debris that can get in the water.
  5. There is much more to maintaining your boat than keeping it clean and protected from the elements. It also needs a lot of care whenever you are loading or unloading it into a trailer. Replacing your worn-out carpet on your trailer bunk is a critical part of proper maintenance. Choosing the best carpet for boat trailer bunks will improve the aesthetics of your boards and offer essential protection from the marine environment.
  6. I used Star Brite Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner to clean my carpet. I love this cleaner because it also acts as a protectant against UV damage, ensuring the carpets keep their color after use. In fact, I noticed that the color of my carpet was slightly brighter after the cleaning, which was impressive. I also appreciate that it is safe from toxic chemicals and will not harm marine life. Therefore, I can use it nearby or even on the water, knowing that it is eco-friendly.
  7. Have you enjoyed making your own boat trailer guide posts? Having these posts will make maneuvering your boats a whole lot easier. It can also act as a visual cue as you transfer it through. The trailer will most likely cost you less than the regular boat trailer posts you can find online or in stores. If you having a DIY post is that it perfectly fits your trailer boat. You can adjust the height of this post according to your needs. By having a custom-made one, you can assess your trailer's needs and adapt to it quickly.
  8. It would help if you were minding not only some fees but also the upkeep of its fiberglass deck (and hull). Maintaining it can reduce maintenance and repair costs, so learning how to clean fiberglass boat deck is advantageous. You can clean a boat with bleach, bit it does contain very harash chemicals and over time can damage gel on fiberglass boats, degrade vinyl seating threads, vinyl boat wraps, discolor and fade paint, and lead to corrosion in boat fitting and fixtures. In my experience, I find it easier and faster to deal with the stains with a non-stick and gentle deck cleaner befor
  9. If you want to restore your teak wood, it will be easy. Restoration can take you a day or two, depending on the cleaning material that you will use. Aside from that, the condition of the teak wood also matters. If it looks severely worn out, it can take more time and more cleaning agents for restoration. Use One-part teak wood cleaner to restore your teak wood. Most of these cleaners contain oxalic and phosphoric acid to deter the accumulated dirt on your teak wood.
  10. Draining water from your fuel tank can be hazardous. It can cause potential fires if not done correctly. Having some materials will keep these accidents minimal to nil. Besides protecting your fuel tank from possible damage, you will also need a few materials to keep yourself safe during the entire procedure.
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