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  1. Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler. This one is fully insulated - body + lid. Lots of coolers have non-insulated lids, so they won't keep food cold as long. I have had several Igloo coolers over the years.
  2. I recommend EZ-ON EZ-Off hull & bottom cleaner of Star brite. This stuff is amazing. My hull had rust stains as well as dark stains from mangrove tannins. I sprayed this on and the stains just start to melt and run. Didn’t have to scrub at all. Also took all the salt stains off that even polishing compound wouldn’t touch.
  3. I recommend Mantus marine anchor, this is a really great anchor and will work so much better in our area than the normal everyday anchors we always used to use.
  4. Exterior I use Scotchgard marine liquid wax, I used it on the fiberglass on a Boston Whaler that I'm restoring. After cleaning with acetone and wet sanding with 1500 grit I then applied two coats of Scotchgard Marine. It goes on really smooth, dries in about ten minutes, and comes off with a micro fiber cloth with no effort at all. Unlike any other wax I have ever used. That's all I have to say
  5. I recommend 3M marine vinyl cleaner. Works on our boat very well. However our boat is only a couple of months old. Needed something to get the spider marks off, which this did a very good job. I like the fact of cleaning & protecting in one step.
  6. I also use the Marine 31, before using this product, I'm tried other products that did work so well. I even tried straight bleach and scrubbed with a brush and the Magic Eraser. Still no luck. I read about this product and decided to give it a try. I sprayed it on and went to go get a brush thinking that I will need to do some scrubbing. When I got back (3 minutes later) the black stains were gone. I did even have to scrub. Spray and rinse off. This stuff really works.
  7. andrewp


    I recommend Seachoice utility anchor, I liked everything about this light -weight galvanized anchor except ... the dipped galvanizedfinish is rough with sharp edges. I sliced my hand on a sharp point. I took my file and sandpaper to smooth down the edges and points while trying to not remove the coating. It should be easier to drop and stow now.
  8. products of MEGUIARS. M6332 wax easy, peasy. Our boat hasn't been waxed in seasons. We cleaned it up with the meguiars 1 step compunction and then used this wax with a micro cloth bonnet on a polishing wheel. It looked and felt terrific. Work in 2-3ft square sections. Polish, use 1 rag to remove excess (the" wet rag"), then 1 rag to buff the haze (the "dry rag). This worked really well.
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