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  1. I did the complete change with OEM parts. Wires and units making sure the wires went to the correct connectors. Before I changed them the trim up button would not work but that works now. The connectors for the sending unit are dummy proof connectors. You can't connect them wrong as they will only fit where they go, male to female, female to male.
  2. Alpha One. Yes, it should be but neither switch is doing what it's supposed to be doing when it comes to adjustment.
  3. I recently installed new trim limit & sending units on 96 2135SS. Trim gauge still pegged full up. Shorted I post to ground and needle drops to full down. When I try and adjust the sending switch, nothing happens on the gauge nor will the trim limit switch stop the drive from going full down to full up no matter where I position the switch. Both up and down buttons will move the drive full up and down. I also made sure switch marks were aligned properly. Any ideas?
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