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  1. Hi Thanks for the info. The cupboard is the shorter cupboard in front of the head. A picture is here: https://app.photobucket.com/u/chikala75/p/ea530f11-82cd-49f3-8f96-1a9da5c8e4f5
  2. If anyone is interested I figured this out: I filled the holding tank by just repeatedly flushing the toilet. Trying to fill it with a hose in the manner I described didn't seem to work. I did this until the 3\4 light switched on, so it was good to test that. I also drew a small line on the side of the tank with a permanent marker where the 3\4 level is. I took the full level switch out and cleaned it. It turns out this switch doesn't work. I tested it in a cup of water. However I tested the circuit by shorting out the pins to simulate a full alarm. A full alarm d
  3. Hi I have recently become the owner of a 2010 270 Cruiser. Does anyone know what this odd looking hook is for in the cabin cupboard? Just a general hook or something more specialized? Thanks Richard
  4. Hi All I have a 2010 270 cruiser with a macerator pump fitted and am located in Australia. I have trawled through a bunch of threads on this subject but have not yet found an answer to my specific question. I have a VacuFlush 500 toilet with a VHT12 holding tank. The system has not been used very much since the fitted when the boat was built. I would like to test the 3/4 and full indications and full level cut out and just give the system a clean bill of health or understand what needs to be worked on. I plan to service it and carry out replacement of all the known par
  5. Hi, thanks. It is Volvo powered. Have got a lot of the manuals in electronic form which makes searching easy. Happy with the general fit out was just chasing these details.
  6. @Wingnut Cheers thanks. I have just spent a few hours in the panel tracing it all out and see that of my 5 x ACC switches, only one is used and connected to the fish finder. I also traced out the circuit breaker panel just below. I thought it strange to have an ACC switch that does nothing in a fairly prominent location. Anyway all good to know what is on the end of the switches now.
  7. Hi All I have recently become the owner of a 2010 270 Cruiser. I'm on a steep learning curve and was wondering what the ACC switch by the ignition actually powers? I have made attempt to work out by process of elimination what it does, but without luck. I am happy to trace the wiring but thought someone on this fantastic forum could help me out? The documentation I have does not show what this switch does. I have taken a look at the wiring diagrams in the user manual but they will only make sense once I start tracing wiring out. Attached is a picture of the switch
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