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  1. YSmarines is one of the main suppliers and exporters of marine equipments and offshore equipments in China. As a supplier specialized in an extensive range of equipment for shipbuilding and ship repairing, we have been doing this for more than ten years all over the world. The equipment we can supply include marine propulsion system, marine electric system, marine deck machinery, mooring equipment, marine auxiliary equipment, life-saving equipment, fire-fighting equipment, marine hardware, and offshore equipment, etc.
  2. High holding power anchor has two types. One is stock HHP anchor, like Danforth anchor and another one is stockless HHP anchor such as AC-14 anchor. It is widely used for dredging, offshore mooring, fish farm, and yachting operation. Standard or fully balanced type for your ship design. With SS316L material option or with H.D.G. finishing for your multi-purposes. All high holding power anchors provided by YSmarines which is one of the leading suppliers in china for high-quality marine equipment have been approved by ABS, LR, DNV, GL, BV, RINA, BKI, CCS, etc. https://www.ysmarines.com/products/
  3. The welded steel bollard is a double bitt bollard according to the standard of ISO13795, suitable for installation on sea-going vessels to meet normal mooring and towing requirements. The posts of the bollards shall be constructed from steel tubes or formed from the plate. A low-friction surface coating is not recommended so as to increase the holding force of the mooring rope under figure-of-eight belay according to ISO standard. Depending on the construction, the mooring bollards shall be classified as two types, which are Type A – with compact base plate and Type B – with a wide base plate.
  4. The Hall anchor is the most commonly used conventional stockless anchor and it is one of the most popular anchors designed to fit anchor pockets on most ships. The traditional design makes a stable working performance of the anchor. It is stowed against the shell or frog eye. The hall anchor provided by YSmarines can be used for various types of small boats and the commercial shipping industry with IACS certificates. YSmarines also offers stainless steel 316L material for choice and H.D.G. fishing for multi-purposes.
  5. Marine searchlights become more affordable and much more efficient with the recent vast improvements in LED technology to satisfy your boat lighting requirements. The searchlight is widely used for ship illumination and searching for night navigation, life-saving and warning. YSmarines is one of the most professional marine lighting suppliers in China, the customer can select from incandescent, halogen or LED bulbs to get the intensity of light he needs. https://www.ysmarines.com/products/collections/searchlight.html
  6. Explosion-proof lighting is designed to meet the illumination of dangerous sites with inflammable gas and dust. The LED lighting unit meets the harshest environmental specification of gas group hydrogen. It can prevent sparks and high temperature inside the lamp to ignite the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environments. According to the difference of light source, it can be classified into explosion proof incandescent light, high-pressure mercury light, fluorescent light, LED light. https://www.ysmarines.com/products/collections/explosionprooflighting.html
  7. Marine Lights are used for the illumination of various types of boats, vessels,yachts and much more ships. They mainly include navigation signal light, fluorescent light, incandescent Light, explosion-proof light, searchlight, etc. With years of experiences in the marine industry, YSmarines provides a wide variety of marine lighting products with superb quality and cheap prices. Except for the explosion-proof light, spotlight, signal light, which are commonly used, YSmarines also offers much more other marine lights which are also needed to meet different requirements of customers, such as cha
  8. Marine passenger seats and chairs can be used on the fast ferry, high-speed passenger ship, cruise ship, catamaran, crew boat,, cargo ship, the sightseeing boat, traffic boat, pilot launch, yacht and other passenger vessels. The material of the seats adopt fire-proof leather, PU/PVC leather or fabric according to customer's requirements. The anti-corrosion aluminum structure is durable. Basic configuration: Seat cushion and the back of a chair(including magazine bag), with united and decorative head, armrest, chair foot, an adornment to install rails, railhead, rail decoration layering
  9. The Open Chock is made according to the standard of JIS F 2006-1976 and is a special model of the marine mooring chock used for small boats to lead the mooring rope from ship’s inboard to outboard. It also can be applied for military and industrial ships, operating effectively throughout the world. The open chock are always used for small wire ropes or other marine mooring ropes because of its simple design, installed on the decks by welding. The open chocks have two types according to their material including the SC type according to the requirement of standard JIS G 5101, one made by cast st
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