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  1. SN is A212918. Product number is 21766684, or vise versa. Which IPB section in the EPC do you find these numbers? Thank you!
  2. I've searched the V-P Electronic Parts Catalog online system and I can't find this thingy. Its the white plastic 90-degree fitting that has an o-ring and a nipple that snaps into the forward side of the outdrive and the speedo tube connects to the nipple. I broke the nipple off trying to reconnect the tube. The retaining prongs that hold it in the housing have broken too, so I need to replace the whole fitting. I know many of you don't worry about your speedo working, but I want to at least replace this fitting, whether I can keep the speedo tube on it or not.
  3. Bump to top. Still looking for instructions for stowing the two-sections of this bimini into one boot. Ameritex made the bimini but is not responding to customer inquiries at this time due to business.
  4. I’m in the same boat, literally a 2013. Planning to take it out this weekend on Lake Hartwell in SC. I’ve had jetskis before, and grew up with a boat dad so I think I will be fine. I watched several videos from Brandon on usedboatstv on YouTube for refreshing my general boat knowledge Do you have the arch tower? I’m posting a question about stowing mine but no answers yet.
  5. Does anyone have instructions for collapsing and stowing the factory (xtreme towers) arch tower bimini? I only have a single Chaparral boot. The bimini has separate forward and aft sections that zipper together, and the front section snaps to the arch. I removed it completely for travel home after purchasing the boat, but I don’t know how to stow the whole thing in a single boot.
  6. I'm trying to join the ranks of Chaparral owners myself, but not finding the 244 Sunesta I'm looking for (also in SC). I can recommend you make yourself a checklist, based on tips you find on YT*, this forum, owners manual and others with experiences. Keep this checklist taped to the dash of your tow vehicle the first time or two, using it make sure you don't forget the little important things... like drain plug, transom straps, parking brake...you know, just minor stuff like that. I did this with twin jet skis and it helped tremendously in the "heat of battle". Going on a weekday is
  7. Visited the Upstate SC boat show today. The comment of one other-branded boat dealer was that they won't be getting many trade-ins in the short term due to the long factory lead-times and higher values for owners selling own their own. I was hoping to advertise to the local dealers what used boat I was looking for and they'd be able to help - I don't think that will happen. So I'm putting this out for any owners on this forum within a 2 hour drive of Greenville SC wanting to sell their '08-'14 Sunesta 244, please message me. My preferred package on a 244 includes: Volvo 5.7 (300 h
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