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  1. So i was told that these are Bravo III drives with stainless counter rotating props. The starboard outdrive has a small crack on starboard side of the lower housing unit, which is going to be welded and then sanded/painted. So not Volvo composite or Volvo drives.
  2. Specs say it has a Volvo Penta 4.3 GXi/DP IO Sterndrive. Good? Bad? Or Meh?
  3. Hi we are looking to purchase a 290 Signature but have only seen boats that need a ton of repairs or that have the dreaded Volvo Composite outdrives. Is anyone selling a 2004 or later 290 Signature on the East Coast that is in good shape mechanically with new outdrives? We want your boat!
  4. Yikes. That is why I am asking on this board. You guys know these boats best. I will post again once I hear back on the outdrives. What should they be replaced with if seller is willing? We have been Sea Ray boaters, so we are used to Mercury/Bravo III.
  5. I don't know what the outdrives are. I am asking. If the Volvo Composite drives we will probably walk or ask to replace. Boat is in Maryland, and evidently has been sitting unused for a while. One owner, and less than 300 hrs on engines.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I am awaiting a reply on the outdrive and where cracked. These issues came up during a survey and sea trial. I have had several people on THT and other friends tell me to "run don't walk" away from the Volvo composite outdrives. Expensive to repair and a PITA. it's a shame because we really love this model boat - good size for us and sleeps 6 but not huge. I think it's overpriced though. Also have been told it may be underpowered.
  7. to add the engines are VP 4.3 GXi/DP 2006 220 hp I/O. Assume original drives
  8. Hi all. New member here looking for advice. I posted this to THT forum and everyone was pretty negative, and suggested I follow-up on the Chaparral forum. so here I am. I just got a list of repairs needed from surveyor/sea trial for a boat we hoped to purchase - 2006 Chaparral 290 Signature with about 260 hours on the engines. We love the boat, but this list was surprising because the boat looks good cosmetically. Seller is offering to make the repairs, but is asking $60k for the boat, and I am concerned that these indicate neglect and will just be the tip of the iceberg if we go through with
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