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  1. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    Thanks, wil do.
  2. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    Thanks Shep!! Will it hurt anything with me running it since it is just off on the transom side? If so could I just cut it shorter or take it off until I get the other one in?
  3. Mine isn't a '10-'12, but we had problems with flipping it up and down into positions, would hang up all the time if you will. Dealer finally replaced it with a new one and haven't had any trouble since. We were to the point of just having them take it off, as it was more trouble than it was worth.
  4. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    Not at all. I was thinking they actually made a performance bellow that doesn't even clamp on one side.
  5. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    For sure, been 3 times so far this year. I at first thought it was louder but, thought it was just my mind messing with me.
  6. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    I noticed today that my exhaust bellow has came loose from the transom side. Will this hurt anything other than it being slightly louder now? Any suggestions on if should replace it or anything? It was put on new last year. Thanks
  7. i think what you may have been trying to take off was the Satelite transmitter itself, there may be a receiver like on mine that the transmitter plugs into then the receiver plugs into the stereo. Hope this helps
  8. I ended up having to take the Sirius box off mine that plugs into the radio and get if off the back of it. There is a sticker on it but is covered up when mounted. Mine is a Clarion, but it may be the same situation.
  9. Hooked up this morning to get ready to go out on the water and shop oil on shop floor from what seems to be leaking from the upper seal. If i keep the resevoir full, its just below the add line now, will it be ok to use for the weekend?
  10. I have had to put countless screws back in with loctite that have fallen out. Not sure if normal but still is aggrevating. Seems like if.there is normal vibration on a boat that would cause this they would put it on them at the factory.
  11. I have heard that also, but right now my fuel gauge fogs up, so that would go against the scrolling of options since there isnt anyway to scroll on the fuel gauge.
  12. Have a buddy that has a lake house and wants me to bring my boat over a take the kids tubing. The only problem is that around the boat dock its around 4' deep. I have a 216.
  13. Having some work done on the boat from a mishap this weekend and turned it in on insurance,couldn't remember what the deductible was and found out it was 1000 deer. Was curious what others were running.
  14. Chip

    Engine Start Times

    Mine isn't a 350 but it does the same other than 4 seconds, more like 2 seconds, but for sure doesn't start at the bump of the starter.
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