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  1. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    Thanks, wil do.
  2. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    Thanks Shep!! Will it hurt anything with me running it since it is just off on the transom side? If so could I just cut it shorter or take it off until I get the other one in?
  3. Mine isn't a '10-'12, but we had problems with flipping it up and down into positions, would hang up all the time if you will. Dealer finally replaced it with a new one and haven't had any trouble since. We were to the point of just having them take it off, as it was more trouble than it was worth.
  4. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    Not at all. I was thinking they actually made a performance bellow that doesn't even clamp on one side.
  5. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    For sure, been 3 times so far this year. I at first thought it was louder but, thought it was just my mind messing with me.
  6. Chip

    Exhaust Bellow

    I noticed today that my exhaust bellow has came loose from the transom side. Will this hurt anything other than it being slightly louder now? Any suggestions on if should replace it or anything? It was put on new last year. Thanks
  7. i think what you may have been trying to take off was the Satelite transmitter itself, there may be a receiver like on mine that the transmitter plugs into then the receiver plugs into the stereo. Hope this helps
  8. I ended up having to take the Sirius box off mine that plugs into the radio and get if off the back of it. There is a sticker on it but is covered up when mounted. Mine is a Clarion, but it may be the same situation.
  9. Hooked up this morning to get ready to go out on the water and shop oil on shop floor from what seems to be leaking from the upper seal. If i keep the resevoir full, its just below the add line now, will it be ok to use for the weekend?
  10. I have had to put countless screws back in with loctite that have fallen out. Not sure if normal but still is aggrevating. Seems like if.there is normal vibration on a boat that would cause this they would put it on them at the factory.
  11. I have heard that also, but right now my fuel gauge fogs up, so that would go against the scrolling of options since there isnt anyway to scroll on the fuel gauge.
  12. Have a buddy that has a lake house and wants me to bring my boat over a take the kids tubing. The only problem is that around the boat dock its around 4' deep. I have a 216.
  13. Having some work done on the boat from a mishap this weekend and turned it in on insurance,couldn't remember what the deductible was and found out it was 1000 deer. Was curious what others were running.
  14. Chip

    Engine Start Times

    Mine isn't a 350 but it does the same other than 4 seconds, more like 2 seconds, but for sure doesn't start at the bump of the starter.
  15. Just to update. As of this moment all I have heard from Chaparral is an email saying they are sorry it hasn't been done and a phone call from someone who had no idea what was going on. The dealer finally sent an email stating where the boat was during repairs, which I had already found out on my on. Nothing from Chaparral saying they will stay on top of it and make sure everything gets done or acknowledge much of anything that has happened. Very disappointed obviously from the dealer, but even more so from Chaparral now. That is fine if thats how they want to do business, cause I have one friend whose boat was stolen and one other who was about to purchase a boat, both were heading towards a Chaparral but are now waiting to see how this all unfolds.
  16. Just got an email from the dealer, basically him trying to cover his tail and tell how it all happened. I had everything sent back and forth on the same email, so it isn't hard to go down the timeline and see how it unfolded, but he isn't smart enough to figure it out. He basically said what I had already found out on my own as to when it will be ready. Only said it would be ready for Memorial Day, to bad our vacation starts the Friday of that weekend cause with him he may just open the shop Memorial Day for me to pick it up. I still need to go through it and make sure everything is good to go. Bottom line is I have been working with Chaparral directly since July 2010 to get this resolved and it has been on this dealers lot since February 12 of this year and I still don't have it.
  17. The is in Columbus, MS so just don't deal in that area.
  18. That is why I took it in February, so I wouldn't miss any time. It was suppose to be taken after this past Labor day, but the dealer I bought it from and had it set up to go to closed their doors. It took till February to get it to this dealer waiting on Chaparral. It has been there since February 12. Dan has emailed me back and is checking on it and has said he is truly sorry and thought it had already been taken care of. Now waiting to see what he finds out and comes up with. I did speak to the fiberglass repair guy personally this morning and he hoped to have it finished Tuesday and then the dealer can replace a malfunctioning walk thru seat and clean the boat, which the dealer said would take two days. So maybe I will still end up getting in Friday morning. You know I have put up with a lot on this deal, but the one thing that flat out burns me up, is the dealer telling me twice they were working on the fiberglass and he would check and see where they were only to find out he was lieing. One thing I can not stand is to be lied to.
  19. That is the thing, I have been dealing with both Chaparral and the dealer. Very little help from either. Chaparral has already agreed to pay for it, which they should. But I can't get a response from either. I have emailed Dan at Chaparral and left a voicemail and haven't heard a word from him. I can guarantee you one thing, I will be upsizing in the near future as it seems my kids invite more friends than I anticipated, it won't be another Chaparral. I am in construction, we have a lot of repeat customers, and if I treated them the way Chaparral and the dealer has treated me, I would not be in business long.
  20. Well after going on a year and half to get this fiberglass issue fixed, http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=12263&st=0&p=161375entry161375. I am still waiting on it to be fixed. Chaparral called me in February to take boat to dealer, did that two days later, as of today the boat is sitting in the yard at the fiberglass repair shop waiting to be fixed. I have been asking the dealer for a month and a half where they are on it, all I get is they are working on it and he will let me know. So I had an employee of mine go by the fiberglass shop while he was in the area. Boat hasn't had a thing done. This has been very poorly handled by Chaparral and the dealer. Love the boat but would be hard pressed to get me to buy another Chaparral after what I have been through. Have a camper and all lined up for Memorial weekend and got 3 kids overly excited about it, but looks like we want have the boat. Over 3 months sitting at dealer is to long. Sorry just needed to vent.
  21. Chip

    Who Else?

    Still waiting here, boat has been at dealer for warranty repairs for over 3 months, still waiting to find out when I will get the boat back. Been one heck of an ordeal.
  22. Chip

    Clarion CMD5

    Is there any aftermarket product or way to be able to control the ipod from the drivers remote? Would like to be able to control the ipod while I am driving cause a lot of times no one is sitting where the ipod plugs into the glove box.
  23. My dealer has a local fiberglass guy doing it. Only problem is the boat has been down there since middle of February and not looking to get it back until next week. Been a reall pain with Chaparral and the dealer. Chaparral is paying for the repair but its been a long drawn out deal.
  24. Chip


    We were very lucky, EF-5 came within 15 miles of the office and schools where my wife teaches and kids attend. Had debris falling all around the town. The small town of Smithville it came through 15 miles away was not so lucky. Basically came right down mainstreet and wiped it out. Really puts things in perspective for you.
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