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  1. Which blower, where do I find it? Not sure if air vent hoses are loose. Which hoses are for air venting?
  2. The motor is 2006, Volvo Penta, 5.7 L, Fuel Injection. I had no prior problems with the operation, but I had ordered a new fuel pump last year and I had installed it. Fuel pump comes on and works. Should I try going back to the old fuel pump? I still have it and I had no problems with the old pump.
  3. My Volvo Penta, 5.7, inboard motor, starts up, runs for awhile, put boat in water and it runs for an hour then cuts off and doesn't start again until the next day. What's wrong with it? This happened a few times, even after being maintenanced. I had to get a tow yesterday because the battery run down after many start attempts. What should I do here?
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