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  1. Same here, same boat. Just had 2 brand new engines installed and getting same code. Now they are saying it might be the gauges on dash having compatibility issues
  2. OK we are very close. New engines in, boat detailed, boat in water and I take delivery tomorrow
  3. Ok. Good sign I hope. The boat is finally in the water. I'm told they have to now sync engine with computer. Not sure how long that takes
  4. Hi Guys, I would like to make a trip to Block Island this year but have never done it before. Can you provide more details as to where to hook up and maybe stay for a couple of days?
  5. Engines have been delivered for 2 weeks now and still havent been installed. Dealer seems to be taking his time. Insurance paid them direct so they can care less how long it takes to get me in the water. I didnt realize it but the whole assembly including fuel injectors, altenator, everything attached to engine is being replaced for both engines. So essentially I have a new boat. I'll keep you posted
  6. I gotta believe that Merc has had similar occurences and it forced them to put the shield over the intakes. They should probably consider brass plugs. Was at the Long Island Boat show last week and they had a 337SSX on display. I am getting the boating bug. We have an airshow here every memorial day weekend so I am hoping to make it with my boat
  7. I am hoping to be in the water mid May so not quite missing half the season
  8. They told me 6-8 weeks for motors to come in
  9. originals the highest i've seen was 52 with perfect conditions
  10. Hopefully this image will clarify your questions. The drain plug is by the seawater pump that cools the fuel. The drain plug broke while engine was running about 35Mph. Seawater spewed throughout the engine compartment and was ingested by both engines. One engine finally stalled while I was moving giving me the first sign that there was a problem. It looks like Mercury now has a shield over the intake screen to prevent such an incident now.
  11. For those of you following this thread, I just got confirmation that insurance will be covering this claim. They had requested both engines be taken apart to confirm the need replacement. Two brand new big blocks 8.2L were ordered last week. The damage caused by this $2 part should embarrass Mercury and frankly would make me reconsider engine choice in future boats
  12. Insurance has been notified and they are a month in the process of evaluating. Still no word on what they will cover in writing. These will be my 5th and 6th mercruiser engines in my lifetime and I have always been positive about the build quality and reliability. I am shocked that their stance is to abandon a customer with engines that are barely broken in but because the warranty is expired its adios amigos. I would definitely explore other engine options on my next boat purchase
  13. When I started to see the cost was going to add up I brought it to the dealer I bought it from for a second opinion. They ran the same test for mercruiser and result codes were all over the map. The one engine that wouldnt start, after replacing oil and plugs started but after a few minutes blew the dipstick out and was deem bad. Although the starboard runs it too is demonstrating faulty codes as if it has to be replaced.
  14. both engines have fuel coolers and it sits on the the left side of the engine. the plug in question is on the port engine which almost sits dead center of the engine room. close to where the water was leaking are the engine belts. because the engine was running at cruising speed when the plug broke the water sprayed and the belts distributed the water all over the engine room up to the top where the air intakes pulled the sea water into the engines
  15. If you look around the engines there are these blue petcocks (drain plugs) that are used when winterizing to remove all of the water in the block. This particular plug was on the fuel cooling box on the bottom left of the engine. Apparently the fuel gets cooled from a sea water pump prior to being used by the engine. That plastic plug, came apart and started to spew sea water in the engine compartment while I was running at 3000 rpm. Thanks for your support
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