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  1. Looking at a new build for a 21 SSI. Volvo seems to be a tad more money than Merc for equivalent HP output. Assuming local service is readily available for either, any reason I would want to consider paying up for a Volvo? Not looking to zip thru the local lake but I hope to have enough juice to pull a wake boarder with 4-6 adults on board. I assume 250hp sufficient. Is wake surfing not possible without a boat outfitted with trim tabs and bags. I think surfing may be doable while holding a leash. I was hoping to do both but don’t want a surfing purpose boat.
  2. New to forum, 1st post. Happy to be here and hope to be a new Chap owner in the fall. Earliest build slot I can get right now! So i have read thru many opinions on Seadek pros/cons, mostly pros and the con being that it does take on dirt/oil. I am interested to hear from folks that have experience with beach weave for the cockpit. Reasons for going with beach weave vs sea dek? Also, I know beach weave is snap on/off which is nice. Seadek same or is that an always on application?
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