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  1. Kent

    Boat cleats

    OK Hatem thanks tons for the details. Should I apply masking tape (top and bottom) to the spot being drilled? Should a use a wood drill bit or a metal one? Do I need to put sealant in the holes? Things like that.
  2. Kent

    Boat cleats

    I have a 1995 1930 SS. I need a boat cleat in the center of the boat on both sides. (preferably the kind that submerges into themselves) Has anyone ever drilled their boat to install one of these? What precautions do I take ahead of time? Step by step would be nice. The thought of drilling my sweet boat is almost unbearable but I will cuz I need bumpers!
  3. Can you send me detailed pix as to how your bimini is affixed to your boat?  Any details on the make and model of the bimini would be appreciated.  Please text pix to 404-421-3960.  Thank you so much.  This bimini issue has been killing me.  I HATE drilling hole in my boat!

    1. Gamblingdave


      ya ill take some pictures when I get home from work 

  4. I have a 1995 Chappy 1930 SS Sport.  The side glass has busted out entirely.  My local dealer says the glass is not available from Chaparral. Any ideas please? 

  5. Kent


    My 1995 Chappy 1930SS has an external transponder that has broken off. Please offer me advice on where to locate a thru hull transponder and how to seal the holes in the hull made by the remains of the one I am taking off.
  6. Can you send me a picture of your application of the dynaliner on the engine cover and blower. If it is readliy accessible and easy to do obviously. Thanks
  7. Kent

    Bimini Top

    Thanks for the info from Overton's. I am curious if Chappy made a bimini expressly for this model? I am also curious if anyone out there has purchased one for my model (or similar) which one they bought and where?
  8. Kent

    Bimini Top

    Can you guys give me some suggestions on Bimini tops that will fit my 1995 Chaparral 1930 SS?
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