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  1. Sinstar, which is the abbreviation of Sinstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd, was founded in 2005. It is a professional company which focused on the R & D, production, sales and service of a solventless laminating machine. It is located in the National High-tech Industrial Park, Rongchang District, Chongqing, with an annual production capacity of 200 sets. Since its establishment, the company has characterized simple-operate, safety, high durability and perfect service. Sinstar has become one of the most competitive solventless laminating machine manufacturers in China. Solventless laminat
  2. The solventless laminating machine for flexible packaging industry has good performance, green environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, no residual solvent and high precise coating. Sinstar is your trustworthy solventless laminating machine manufacturer with various types of products including the series of WRJSi9, WRJi9, WRJFi9, SIL90, WRJSLi5, etc. The Sinstar solvent-free machine has advanced systems, easy-to-operate, high safety, high efficiency and long service life.
  3. In the production process of paper, textile, plastic film, wire, printing products, tape, metal strip, etc, the roll of the material or wire is crucial to the quality of the product, and constant tension control is required for this purpose, which can make the products withstand the best tension in the process of winding and remain unchanged from the beginning. The web tension controller can be widely used in various applications where tension is precisely measured, with flexible and extensive applicability. The controller compares the deviation of the tension setting value and tension me
  4. In the industries of paper, printing, textile, packaging, metal and wire & cable, in order to maintain high production efficiency, a basic tension controller is essential. It has wide applications, especially in the most related coiling and unwinding industries which need a perfect tension control system to improve production efficiency and product quality. Tension control refers to the ability to control the tension when the raw materials are transported on the device. In the coiling industry, the tension always needed to be controlled for production requirements, and the tension contro
  5. The carbide roll has a high hardness and its hardness value varies very small with temperature. The hardness value under 700°C is 4 times higher than the high-speed steel. The elastic modulus, the compressive strength, the bending strength, the thermal conductivity are also 1 times higher than the tool steel. Since the thermal conductivity of the cemented carbide roll is high, the heat dissipation effect is good, so that the surface of the roll is under high temperature for a short time and thus the high-temperature reaction time of harmful impurities in the cooling water and the roll is short
  6. With the rapid development of the steel industry, in order to improve the output of steel and improve the utilization rate and productivity of the rolling mill, reducing the shutdown times of the rolling mill, adopting a tungsten carbide roller with long service life is an important method. The cemented carbide roller, also known as cemented carbide roller ring, refers to a roll made of tungsten carbide and cobalt through the powder metallurgical method. The tungsten carbide roll has two types of integral and is combined. It has superior performance, stable quality, high processing accuracy
  7. The rubber fender has the characteristics of good elasticity, high engine absorption, convenient maintenance, long service life and facilitating large batch production with wide applications worldwide. Rubber fenders can not only protect ships and terminals but also reduce horizontal loads for the terminal, improving the berthing capacity of the wharf. https://www.ysmarines.com/articles/detail/useful-tips-shared-for-rubber-fenders.html
  8. Concerning some things that should be paid attention to during the use of marine rubber fenders, the daily maintenance and inspection work must be done well. 1. Pay attention to check whether the fender is damaged and the air pressure is normal. 2. Check whether the surface of the fender rope has sharp things which will cause damage to the rubber fender. 3. Check whether the foot bolts of the fender and the bolts which fix the impingement plate are loose. If there is a loose, after tightened,it should fix the fixed bolt and pads through the welding method. 4. Check whether
  9. Arise Technology, which is the manufacturer of the Arise web guide system, is located in Chongqing, China, It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of high-tech industrial automation products. It focuses on the R&D and production of the web guiding system and tension control system with 15 years’ experience. Arise attaches importance to product quality, high technology and product innovation, and strives to provide advanced level products. The products manufactured by Arise technology is simple to operate with high precis
  10. The magnetic powder brake is based on the electromagnetic principle utilizing the magnetic powder transferring torque. It has the characteristics of the substantial linear relationship between the exciting current and the transfer torque. Independent of slip, a certain torque can be transmitted, which has the advantages of fast response speed, simple structure, no pollution, low noise, no impact vibration, energy saving. It is a multi-purpose automatic control element with superior performance. It has been widely used in papermaking, printing, plastic, rubber, textile, printing and dyeing, wir
  11. The glue of the solvent-free laminating machine is AB glue. Currently, the laminating structure of thin layer laminating thick layer, aluminized lamination, aluminum foil laminating, paper-plastic lamination. There is no solvent and no need to worry about solvent residue. It is greatly affected by the air temperature. The glue operability is only about twenty minutes. So the tension control and the winding taper have high requirements. Sheet-fed gravure press adopts paper stack continuous sheet feeding and the web-fed gravure press adopts continuous feeding with web paper. There’re three
  12. With the increasing cost of organic solvents and the increasing environmental protection requirements, organic solvent emissions are increasingly strict restrictions. Solventless lamination machine has advantages of health, safety, environmental protection, low cost and flexible packaging manufacturers will adopt solvent-free lamination technology instead of traditional solvent laminate technology for expanding laminating production capacity. The lamination machine adopting safety, healthy and environmentally friendly process is more and more required, which is the reason why solventless
  13. Advantages 1. The hardness is extremely high, up to Moh's hardness of 8.9-9.1, which is 10 times higher than the hardness of 18K gold. The high hardness makes carbide blades have good wear resistance, not easy to appear scratches and deformation. 2.It has high brightness like a mirror, with highly polished, fully glow in the color and light like the gemstone. 3.The corrosion resistance of tungsten carbide blades is good. It does not change color, no rust, and the luster can be maintained for a long time, which are the other metals don’t have. The Production Process Of Tungsten Car
  14. Regardless of iron, aluminum or steel, the blades will cut them into the desired shapes when machining. The tungsten carbide blades are made of cemented carbide as the basic materials which is an alloy material hard made with hard compounds of refractory metals and bind metal through the powder metallurgy process. The tungsten carbide blade, also known as carbide tips, mainly adopts the overall hard alloy as the matrix and it is fine finished through various kinds of production processes. Carbide blades have extremely high hardness and high strength, excellent high wear resistance, high e
  15. 1. LED explosion-proof light can save 50% -70% energy compared to traditional light sources, that is, the same lighting effect can be obtained with smaller power LED luminaires replacing larger power traditional lighting. 2.The lampshade is made of aluminum alloy and has a surface treatment with high-pressure static spray. 3.The lamp cover is made of tempered glass with stainless steel exposed fasteners. The protective cover is galvanized with a sprayed surface, double anti-corrosion. 4.The lamp adopts the flameproof structure design and the material is high-strength die-cast al
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