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  1. What are the most unusual interactive maps you've seen?
  2. I've known for a couple of years that I have them, every time I go to the doctor we count them and .... We don't do anything, and last time they suddenly disappeared But since a couple of weeks ago I was dying of colic for three hours, now it's back. Checked now - there are rocks! One minute conversation and .... Referral to the surgeon in hand. So what, just go and cut? No examinations or ...... but under the knife! Personally, I am for some reason in favor of conservative treatment.
  3. nasvaytarasova


    What are the most difficult markets to work with?
  4. And I think that cryptocurrency will become a major currency pretty soon and I'm really looking forward to it
  5. Yes, it's really energizing and gives you a kind of reset. I often go to meetings like this. Mountains, lakes, seas, forests - we often find ourselves in these places with the team hamtalk.org. You can join us. We have trips every 3 months, and at each of them you can join us. We have a great time sitting around the campfire and singing songs. We have a very spiritual company, everyone understands each other.
  6. Do I have to get married in church? Many people refuse to do so. I can't even answer what I think about it.
  7. After intercourse I have wild fatigue and pain in my muscles. It seems normal, but I can walk around like this for twenty-four hours after intercourse. I don't think it's normal.
  8. What does your child do? What are his or her hobbies? Drawing, sports, playing an instrument?
  9. Do the schools worry about your children's health? For example, our school doesn't care how a child feels...
  10. My man humiliates me... He doesn't let me work, he wants me to stay at home and cook food. But I want to develop so much, but I also love him. I don't know what to do.
  11. I love temples. It's great that there are more and more of them, and we can all be closer to God.
  12. Good Internet mostly depends on the router, but also on the Internet itself, maybe it's just not very good. But also try to change the router. It is not worth saving money on this, because it is true that good routers cost a lot of money. Brotschet about the Internet and routers, you can read this article ampedsetupwireless.net, I think you will be clearer, because I do not special in these cases, but only speaking on the basis of my experience.
  13. But I, for example, really like this model, I look forward to the release of this iphone. A year ago I bought a 12 iphone, but I am ready to sell my apple iphone and buy a new 14. I like to update my gadgets often and keep track of the new things. I have had every iphone since the 6... I can call myself an apple fan. Selling my gadgets helps me with this service https://gadgetpickup.com/sell/cell-phone/apple-cell-phone/ .
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