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  1. Map of military camouflages Thanks to the showmymap server, this map was created. The map shows the camouflage colors of different nations, by which you can imagine what conditions their armies are supposed to fight in. In principle, the colors are similar everywhere, the only differences are the shades: more intense or less intense green. The sandier camouflage of southeast Africa, the Middle East, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia also stands out.
  2. If you have a suspicion, you should not sit and wait for it to get worse, but run to the doctor and solve the problem. My husband had bladder stones, but he didn't tell me about it and didn't do anything about it. Eventually it got worse, which was choledocholithiasis. The treatment took a long time. You should also not self-medicate, it can on the contrary harm you.
  3. Quite difficult trading markets is a ranking market. Range markets or a limited range is a market condition that moves in a certain price range over a long period of time. Traders usually don't like these periods, so try to avoid trading while this situation persists. As https://finstrategy.in/what-is-a-ranging-market/ reports, the biggest damage falls on novice traders who made their first profits during strong bull rallies.
  4. It is possible, but not in the near future, as the bitcoin rate is very unstable. And not many people will agree to this idea, because it is not convenient for everyone. I think now cryptocurrency will develop in game industry, because play to earn, quite interesting idea, and consumers will wait for new developments and improvements.
  5. VPNs were originally created so that employees of companies could work remotely with corporate servers, regardless of their location. Although a number of companies still use VPNs for this reason, most users use such services to ensure online privacy or to be able to bypass geographical restrictions on access to various sites, since many well-known sites may not be available in some parts of the world or have other problems. For example, such as Netflix... This server detects your location and changes the content and language depending on what country you are in, and that's not really convenie
  6. For me, I don't have to get married, I think that's everyone's choice. My husband and I did not get married.
  7. You most likely have POIS - Post Orgasmic Injury Syndrome or Post Orgasmic Soreness Syndrome - a condition that immediately after ejaculation causes a malaise consisting of cognitive, psychological and/or physiological symptoms. POIS can occur in a number of completely independent diseases. The first place is successfully shared by chronic prostatitis and "common causes". Which in turn are divided into neurological and humoral. Your best bet is to see a urologist and a sexologist. You can get good help here post-orgasmic-illness-syndrome.com .
  8. My kid does karate. He has a dream to get a black belt in karate
  9. I wouldn't say that my daughter's school has a lot of health care. Children come to the clinic and say they feel sick, they are given a dubious pill and sent back to class. I wish that they would treat children's health more responsibly, and not just turn green for all the problems... They are already working on our school cromi.org to improve school medicine. I hope that this will help in some way.
  10. God, drop it. Why do you need him like that...
  11. Frontend-development is the work on creating the public part of the web-application, with which the user is directly in contact, and the functionality that is usually performed on the client side. That is, the frontend developer works to ensure that each button, icon, text and window on the site not only stand in its place, do not overlap each other and look coherent (this is a web layout), but that they perform their direct purpose - to produce some action (for example, that the "buy" button opens the cart and "play" - starts the playback of a movie or music). The frontend developer needs t
  12. I would like to play sports with a group somewhere in the mountains. I think it's cool and energizing.
  13. I know, here vchousingtrustfund.org one of the foundations, you can also look on the Internet. Quite an interesting investment. How did you come to want to build a temple? I, for one, don't really understand it. I'd rather build something really useful. And foundations don't give money for nothing, you have to prove that it's the right thing to do. So what is the purpose of another temple?
  14. I generally like Xiaomi better, it's cheaper and no worse. I don't understand these iPhones.
  15. What makes the Internet faster? I'm not really happy with the speed of my Internet...
  16. Have you met someone online? I've never contacted anyone online, but it would be interesting to try.
  17. I once caught my daughter smoking marijuana, and she got a big beating from me. And the other day I found a bottle of cannabis in her bag. . I was horrified at what I saw until I learned more about them here https://www.farmtohealthorganics.com/product/fresh-lime-organic-cbd-tincture-full-spectrum/ , and as it turns out, they are a tincture of hemp oil, which is a medicine. My daughter has painful knees and is in a lot of pain, and after talking to her I found out that these drops relieve the pain and help her feel a little better.
  18. lydmila678


    I recently visited Turkey. I spent my holiday there. It was a wonderful holiday. Turkey won my heart. What do you do on holiday?
  19. It would be interesting to paint on the walls or put some kind of picture on them. My children did whatever they wanted with the wall in their room and it turned out really well.
  20. Lately I've been addicted to computer games. Advise me on games that you can play with other players.
  21. Very interested in the casino theme, would like to try a game.
  22. I would recommend you WE Furniture Metal Twin over Futon Bunk Bed. It's one of their newest beds and the sturdiest, just right for the kids. They also have a very interesting design and fit in very nicely with the interior. In general, choose which one you like best, because they are all very good. You can look here https://sleepissimple.com/futon-bunk-bed/ what kinds of futon beds are available and choose something for yourself.
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