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  1. spectra

    DH is applying for a job in Portland.

    Yes there are plenty of places but my 190 fits in my garage and it is heated. I do not even winterize the boat. It just gets a little tlc and away it goes for its winter nap. Hopefully going to wake it up pretty soon looking at 70 plus this weekend To bad the river is still about 45 to 50 degrees.
  2. spectra

    DH is applying for a job in Portland.

    All sorts of boating places on the Columbia. You can run to the dam or head to the coast. Also can run up the Willamet and go to downtown and the waterfront for a concert or ?
  3. spectra

    Any way to upgrade the horn on

    Had the same thing happen to me but it was the local Sheriffs sitting at the dock checking safety equipment. He told me it was a nice boat then came the horn part What were they thinking in the R&D department I think it was a way for someone to get back at people
  4. spectra

    QUOTE (Scott & Halina @

    SeaSpeed, No pic yet as the wife is the picture person As for boating I like to go up north to Yale and put in at Saddle Dam. I do hit the river now as it is getting lat in the season and put in at Portco if not to busy. Where do you go? Well after looking at your avatar that looks like Camas? We went there on Memoiral day weekend as that was are first outing and ran up to the dam and back to put some hours on it. The launch is close to me but prefer other parts of the river.
  5. spectra

    QUOTE (Scott & Halina @

    Just bought ours this year and so far have about 22 hours on it. Weather has not been the greatest but who can complain in the great northwest. Oh and if I go by the hour meter I now have 4822 hours. Boat jumped from 18 to 4018 a couple of trips ago. Then this last weekend decided to add an extra 800 hours on itself. Have a new hour meter on the way from the factory but find it kind of funny that it is doing this.
  6. spectra

    not quite sure where to find an

    That is who I was talking about. They are local to me and do one #$^% of a job. They are spendy but when it comes to a boat what is not
  7. spectra

    not quite sure where to find an

    Where are you located? There is a local company to me that makes them but they cost alot. You are looking at 3 to 4K for a good one that is matched to the curves of your hull and looks like a factory unit.
  8. spectra

    I did this install option because

    quote name='brick' date='Aug 29 2009, 07:13 PM' post='117558'] The XM antenna does not need to be on top of the boat. As long as there is no metal above it, it will read through fiberglas. I put mine under the front anchor locker lid. Used some double sided tape. Works great. brick Good option there as I have Sat to and was wondering about the marine antenna. But if the car one will work that way then you eill not see it at all and that is great in my book. I like a clean looking boat. And as far as tha dogs well I am up in the NW so all we have ar pac 10 teams. But I do have one of these. [
  9. spectra

    I just bought a new 190 SSi and

    My 190 is the same way I thought it was plugged but it was not. It will drain really slow as it drips does yours do that? If so I think you are good to go.
  10. spectra

    As a kid in the 70's I had

    1976 Spectra 19 footer! Still have it but am in the middle of doing a major re-store on it. I have gel coated the bottom and flipped it over and am now working on the top. Am not a pro but it is fun learnig all the tricks.
  11. spectra

    Looking for more advice on props

    What model of smart tabs did you guys go with? I have a 190 and have added a ss prop but would like a little more so the smart tabs sound like a good idea. I searched them out but there are a few options.
  12. spectra

    Hello am the proud owner of a brand

    Thanks for the replys. Ended up going with the Infinity 612Ms I think is what they are. Am replacing the 4 stockers and also adding a amp. Now the fun of where to mount it begins. Also am trying to figure out where a sub can go but do not want to loose a bunch of room as I do not have the bench seat in the back.
  13. spectra

    Just wondering what people used

    02 F-350 7.3 Crew Cab. Truck has a few mods and pulls real nice. Only thing that it needs is a set of bags but can live without them for now.
  14. Hello am the proud owner of a brand new 190 SSI 08 model and the last year kind of sad. Anyhow love the boat but am in the process of upgrading the stereo. I havethe Clarion deck and love it but am wondering would the panasonic speakers that came with it be ok with an amp or just upgrade all 4 with new ones? Have been looking at some infinitys at the local Car Toys and also some Clarions. Anyone care to shed some light on what they would recomend. Thanks for any info!